Session 1

1 Omar Abed Climate Change in The Galápagos Islands and it’s Effect on Inhabbiting Penguins
2 Tyler Alter Coral Bleaching in the South Pacific depleting Butterflyfish Colonies
3 Christopher Brady
4 Shelbi Burch
5 Dominique Carravetta The Cost of Nuclear Waste Accumulating in Hanford, Washington
6 Cassidy Carrigan
7 Siyuan Chen PM2.5 Brought By Industrialization Of China Cause More Preschool Kids In Shanghai, Nanjing, Chongqing, Changsha, Urumqi, And Taiyuan, Asthmatic Disease
8 Xizhuo Cheng Analyzing The Haze in China
9 Michaela Collins Increased Amounts of Phosphorus Flow into Lake Erie, Speeding up the Process of Eutriphocation
10 Stacy Comer The varroa mite, pesticides, and climate change cause a decrease in honey bees in Southern Ohio
11 Matthew Conger
12 Kayleigh Cook Climate Change Causing More Frequent Storms Behind the Increase of Algae Blooms in Lake Erie
13 Zachary Cornell The Endangerment of the San Joaquin Kit and what we can do to help
14 Andrew Craig Rising Human Population Causing Environmental Anomalies in Moscow, Russia Over the Past Decade
15 Alexander Curts English Ivy Destroying Olympic National Park Forests
16 John Dale Rapid Loss of Glaciers and Snowpack in Glacier National Park Threatens Stonefly Extinction
17 Chrissi Damianides Rising Sea Temperatures Negatively Impacting the Coral in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia 
18 Eleanor Damm Industrial and Military Ocean Noise Pollution and the Disruption of Ziphiidae Behavior in Coastal Iberia
19 Hope Dean
20 Jonathan Duffy Great Barrier Reef Coral Bleaching as the Coral Sea Warms
21 Alex Febles
22 Alexander Finney The reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park triggered a trophic cascade.
23 Norby Fischer
24 Paige Gambill
25 Emily Gao The current situation and damage of overfishing dolphins and whales in southwestern Japan
26 Holly Girard Micro Plastic Pollution in Supermonde Islands, Indonesia Consumed by Skipjack Tuna Increase Cancer Risk in Humans
27 Lee Glass Ocean Acidification resulting in negative impacts on recruitment success of Elkhorn Coral in Caribbean 
28 Daniel Gough
29 Evan Grammenidis Impacts of Warming and Acidification of the Oceans on ‘solar-powered’ sea slugs
30 Joseph Grunenwald
31 Connor Harding Overwhelming Asian Carp Populations in the Illinois River Significantly Draining the Food Supply for the Entire Ecosystem.
32 Michael Harwood Deforestation and the Effect of Climate Change on the Ecosystem in Central Amazonian Brazil
33 Michael Hiett The Impact of Aviation and Air Travel Emissions on Climate Change and its Effect on Humans and Life on Earth
34 Sam Humphries Increased C02 levels in the Alaskan region near the Beaufort Sea leads to Polar Bear’s food intake diminishing
35 Hannah Isakowitz Sustainability  and climate change mitigation through Urban Farming in North American cities
36 Davis Jenkins Decreased Arctic Ice Causing a Change in Polar Bear Diets and Population Size
37 Rao Jiao Fine particulate matters(pm2.5) released from burning fuels causes increased lung cancer in citizens in Beijing, China.
38 Mallory Johnston Underwater seismic surveys shown to have negative effects on humpback whale communication
39 Paul Jones
40 Tommy Kaczkowski The Impact of Climate Change and Humans on The Polar Bears
41 Duy Khanh Trinh The Effects of Deforestation on Sumatran Tigers
42 Camryn Kiel Warming sand temperatures leads to increasingly female-skewed sex-ratios in green sea turtle populations
43 Lake Lamb Indonesian Shark Fishing is Causing Economic and Enviornmental Consequences for an Endagered Ocean and Impoverished Economy
44 Sixue Li Beijing starts to win its battle against smog with government introducing anti-pollution policy
45 Lauren Lightfoot Large Amounts of Plastic Marine Pollution Found in Loggerhead Sea Turtles in the Mediterranean Sea
46 Bo Liu Fire Severity and Ecosytem Responses Following Crown Fires in California Shrublands
47 Erik MacMahon-Barkeloo Mountain pine beetles are turning forests in the Intermountain West from carbon sinks into carbon sources
48 Will McCart depleting habitat of the Adelie penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) in Northern Antarctica
49 Nicholas McCollor The Impact of Human Civilization On The Remote Pitcairn Islands
50 Micah Miller Jean Lafitte’s Struggle to Survive
51 Tladi Motsamai Impact of Climate Change on High Arctic Muskox Conception
52 Brady Motter
53 Samantha Musgrove Rise in Ocean Temperature Causes Coral Bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef
54 Sierra Mushett Population Decline of Gobiodon in Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea as a result of coral bleaching
55 Brian Needle The Effect of a Plasmodium Parasite and a Lack of Biodiversity has been Associated with the Galapagos Penguins being Endangered
56 William O’Neil Pesticide use threatens to contaminate Mississippi River groundwater.
57 Jack Omori Reclaimed Coal Mines in Southeast Ohio Provide an Opportunity for Bee Populations to Expand Their Colonies 
58 Carly Peck Gaseous Pollutants from wildfires causing physical health impacts in San Diego children
59 Jieming Pei The emission of coal gas leads to respiratory disease in people of Taiyuan, China.
60 Lauren Penix
61 Mitch Perez
62 Andrew Perry Increased surface temperatures in Columbus, Ohio linked to regional climate change may contribute to increased morbidity and mortality rates
63 Colson Poach The Effect of Oceanic Debris in the Eastern Section of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch on Green Sea Turtles
64 Christian Poncsak Reduced methane emissions in the atmosphere from cattle manure linked to dietary practices in Hilmar, California.
65 Luke Rees
66 Missy Rego The Utilization of Eco-passages by Koalas in Queensland, Australia 
67 Mike Rubinfeld The effect of negative environmental factors and lack of food on the Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle in the Gulf of Mexico
68 David Schrader Aerosol pollutants consisting of sulfate concentrations linked to health induced haze weather events in Beijing China
69 Carly Schriner Ocean acidification linked to decline of coral reef settlements in the Great Barrier Reef
70 Jake Seidel Prevailing methods of obtaining potable water for promotion and sustainability of future manned missions to Mars
71 Kevon Snodgrass
72 Michael Snow Phosphorus Runoff is Causing an Increase in the Presence of Toxic Algae in Lake Erie
73 Mara Snyder Neonicotinoids Linked to Adverse Health effects on Honeybee Population in Ontario, Canada
74 Hailey Stern Global warming causing coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef 
75 William Stevens
76 Daniel Stuhldreher Mars Exploration Rover uses MOXIE, APXS, and RIMFAX Systems to Determine Human Colonization Methods on Mars
77 Zoe Sui Release of Greenhouse Gases intensify Coral Reefs Bleaching in Queensland, Australia
78 Allison Swanka Climate change linked to increasing duration of toxic algal blooms in Lake Erie.
79 Lindsay Tacy The impact of Lionfish on native coral reef fish ecosystems in the western Atlantic ocean and Caribbean sea. 
80 Kirsten Talabere Carbon Dioxide Emissions Create Mass Coral Bleaching in The Great Barrier Reef
81 Naomi Trotta The effect of plastic marine debris and micro-plastics on Dipsastrea pallida mortality in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef
82 Lauren Tucker The Mount Graham red squirrel in the Pinaleño Mountains of Arizona are threatened with extinction from everything like wildfires to telescopes
83 Nicole Velkov
84 Connor Walsh
85 Yinlin Wang Developing Distributional Photovoltaic generation in south east part of China will extend present Chinese photovoltaic industry
86 Zhanhao Wang
87 Stephen Wasdyke
88 Ansley Watkins Invasive Effects of Red Lionfish (P. volitans) Upon South Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea Coral Reef Populations
89 Logan Williams The Effects of Cesium-137 Soil Contamination as a Result of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Meltdown
90 Phillip Yu Revitalizing the Great Barrier Reef From the Harm Caused by Global Warming through Human Intervention
91 Gary Yu Green Sea Turtle Nests in Great Barrier Reef Vulnerable to temperature Increase
92 Hecheng Zhang Cause of endangered of white-tailed deer in the world
93 Bill Zhou   Severe environment impact sandstorm giving to Beijing and the recovery process