Session 3

Session Three of the 2017 Symposium took place from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm and exhibited 165 student presenters.


Poster Number Name Title
401 Aaron Kelley The Keystone XL Pipeline would significantly increase greenhouse gas emissions and create other environmental concerns
402 Abagail Collins Deforestation and illegal poaching on the Indonesian island of Sumatra endangering local tiger species to the point of extinction
403 Abbey Green The Great Barrier Reef and Coral Bleaching: What is Happening?
404 Adam Bardak Deforestation in the Amazon Jungle in Brazil and its effects on the Toucan population in the area
405 Adam Smolka Decreased Bamboo concentrations in the Sichuan Province is affecting the environment for Giant Pandas
406 Margaret Fisher Methane emissions from industrial dairy farms are one of the leading contributors to climate change in Wisconsin
407 Alex Fuhrman Fracking and It’s Potential Harmful Effects on Drinking Water within the Marcellus Shale Region
408 Alex Kohler Vertical Farming Could Drastically Reduce Land and Water Consumption and Contamination from Traditional Farms
409 Alex Leszcz The Effects of Harmful Algal Blooms on the Ecosystems in and around Lake Erie due to Phosphorus Runoff
410 Alex Smith Changing Climate Causes Sea Ice to Melt, Altering Polar Bear Lifestyle possibly to Extinction in the Barents Sea
411 Alexis Stewart BP Oil Spill Effects on the Tourism and Seafood Industry
412 Ali Orsini Nutrient Rich Agricultural Runoff and Wastewater Cause Algae Blooms to Flood Coast of Qingdao, China
413 Amanda Leichtnam Coral Bleaching Threating the Sustainability of the Great Barrier Reef
414 Andrew Cardenas Increase in demand for ivory in China causing an increase in the amount of Elephant poaching as well as a decrease in the number of Elephants in Tanzania, Africa
415 Andrew Schroeder The exacerbation of human health problems with the rise of NYC Pollution
416 Armond Revis-Nixon Rise of global climate change linked to increased deforestation in the Amazon
417 Austin Oeder BP in the Bayou: Deepwater Horizon’s effects in the Louisiana Salt Marshes
418 Ben Kincaid Rising Ocean Temperatures Due to Global Warming and Its Effect on the Great Barrier Reef
419 Ben Kloke Climate Change Impacting the Oceans Sea Levels and its Organisms Living and Reproductive Habits
420 Benjamin Mosher Technological Improvements Upon Electric-Vehicle Battery Shortcomings Can Contribute to a More Sustainable Future
421 Brooke Mira Photo Pollution from coastal development in Florida disrupts sea turtle nesting habits and hatchling orientation
422 Bryan Hampson Environmental impact of air pollution in the Aviation Industry
423 Cameron Woodard Sea Level Rise and the Near Future of Miami, Florida
424 Ciggy De Veyra Low access to clean water in South Africa can be solved by re allocation of water through an equitable water management system to aid in creating and maintaining a productive and expansive society within the country.
425 Claire O’Hern Dangers of Insecticide Use to the Honey Population in S. Ohio
426 Clay Goodwin Alaskan Polar Bear Population is in Jeopardy Because of Global Warming and the Ice Melting in the Arctic Sea Causing Dietary Changes
427 Cong Liu Chemical composition and source apportionment of PM2.5 in Beijing
428 Connor Norton The Impact of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on Sea Turtles in the Gulf of Mexico
429 Damian Conglose Phosphorous found in Fertilizer causes harmful algae, Microcystis to bloom on Lake Erie
430 Daniel Goldenberg Rising Levels of PM2.5 and Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Beijing Contribute to Air Pollution
431 Danny Cunningham The environmental impact of cruise ships in Charleston, SC.
432 Dasia Gandy Rising sea levels cause a possible decrease in property value in Miami, Florida.
433 David Holderbaum Habitat Loss is Leading to Changes in Koala Populations in Eastern Australia
434 David Keith The Keystone XL Pipeline Environmental and Climate Impact on North Dakota and the surrounding Area.
435 David Slupski Deforestation in eastern Madagascar directly causing a loss of biodiversity on the island
436 Deirdre Long 5 Years of Drought and its Effect on Southern California Agriculture
437 Dominique Marshall The Use of Fossil Fuels and its Effect on Climate Change
438 Drew Zickafoose Impact of Climate Change on Southern Beaufort Sea Polar Bears
439 Duke Durant Water Sanitation Devices will provide Uganda with the fresh water they need
440 Eli Kuntupis The Effect of Wind Turbines on Red Bats In Northern West Virginia
441 Emma Hite Green Roofs: Improving Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings in the Mediterranean Region
442 Eric Christine Palm Oil Plantations and their Effect on Orangutans in Sumatra, Indonesia
443 Eric Pellicano Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and Other Contaminants Negatively Affecting Polar Bears in East Greenland
444 Ethan Gaines The environmental effects of General Electric’s Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) spill in the Hudson River.
445 Ethan Sheridan Increasing pollution in China’s Yangtze rivers and lakes is causing a rise in mutations and a decrease in population in the wildlife.
446 Gabe Goodwin Harmful Air Chemicals Cause Serious Health Effects in China, One of The Most Polluted Cities On Earth
447 Gracie Gehle Hydraulic Fracking in Wayne National Forest Could Lead to Contamination of Drinking Water.
448 Greg Hayes Flint Water Crisis
449 Gretchen Goebel How CO2 Emission is Bleaching the Coral Population of the Great Barrier Reef off the Coast of Australia
450 Hayden Wyper Carbon Losses Due to Human Deforestation in South America
451 Hope Ruot Cows and Climate Change: Getting to the Meat of the Problem
452 Hui Xiong Emission of the household is the main cause of the severe air pollution in Beijing
453 Jacob Katz Electronic Waste in India
454 Jacob Kowalczyk The Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipeline
455 Jake Jarrell Himalayan glaciers retreat threatening landlocked countries’ freshwater supply leaves 20% of the world’s population at risk of severe water shortages.
456 James Hutchinson Algal Blooms in the Gulf of Mexico
457 Jason Levine Effects from greenhouse gas emission and water contamination caused by hydraulic fracturing of the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania
459 Jason Vazquez The Effects of Anthropogenic Plastic Waste on Green Sea Turtles
460 Jeff Dunkle Monarch Populations Continue to Struggle in Protected Areas of Mexico Due to Deforestation.
461 Jiajie Shen Killing elephants in order to get tusks in south-east Angola can ruin the ecosystem.
462 Jiarui Qiang Increasing Emission SO2 in China lead to frequent acid rain
463 Jie Yao how automobile exhaust effect human life
464 Jim Magness Warming New England Winters: Increasing Tick Population and The Detrimental Effects on Moose
465 Jonathan Epstein Extreme Air Pollution in Urban Chinese Cities
466 Josh Hodges Deforestation in Sumatra threatening the Sumatran Orangutan
467 Josh Pittman Artificial Light at Night is linked to Health Issues and Hormonal Cancer
468 Joshua Goldberger Climate Change and the Salt Marsh Sparrow
469 Justin Van Wagenen The Effects of Ocean Warming on Development of Homarus Americanus
470 Kami Kuenzli Agroforestry Makes Cocoa Farming Sustainable in Southwest Ghana
471 Kari Van Gorden Effects of the Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area (APWRA) on Bird Populations
472 Kate Turner Possible Extinction of the Borneo Orangutan within the Next 10 Years due to the Continual Destruction of their Habitat
473 Kayla Guy Water Supply Changes in Flint, Michigan Creates Health Concerns Due to High Lead Levels
474 Kelsey Lawrence Elevated Metal levels in San Juan River continue plaguing Farmington farmers.
475 Kendall Lindstrom Humanity’s Role in the Endangerment of Hector’s Dolphin in Coastal New Zealand
476 Kevin Goodwin Decline in Chinook Salmon Population in Northern California
478 Kshitij Jariwala The Heavy Concentration of Particulate Matter Forces New Policies as Lung Function Declines in Delhi, India.
479 Lan Xu Benzene in the sewage released from chemical plants became the cause of cancer to residents in Chinese coastal cities
480 Lihong Hua Arbitrarily abandoned plastics cause water pollution and plastic ingestion among whales in Great Pacific Garbage Patch
481 Lindsey Burkett Global Warming Effects on Bamboo Species and the Giant Panda in China Qinling Mountains
482 Liz Brett Apis Mellifera Population Decline in ND Due to Pesticides
483 Lucy Herbert Rainforest Destruction Threatens Madre de Dios Region
484 Luke Feist The Effects of Aquaculture on Brown and Brook Trout in the Au Sable River
485 Luke Rychener Anthropogenic Marine Debris and its Negative Impact on the Lives of Sea Turtles in Florida Coast.
486 Malik Tuck Large amounts of phosphorus causing a huge bloom of toxic algae in Lake Erie.
487 Maneesh Somisetty Poachers threaten black and white Rhinoceros population in Kruger National Park, South Africa
488 Mar-Cel English Environmental Injustice: Lead poisoning in Flint
489 MARK Dillahunt Conserving the endangered population of Blue Whales in Southern Chile.
490 Matthew Kramer The Fukushima nuclear meltdown and the effects it had on humans.
491 Matthew McGee The Impact of Dredging on Striped Bass Species in the Chesapeake Bay
492 Maxwell Schrimpf Sudden Oak Death unstoppably spreads through native trees in California and Oregon
493 Megan Zonker Deforestation and forest fragmentation are diminishing the jaguar population in the Atlantic forest
494 Michael Andrews Alternative Energy Methods Reduce CO2 Emissions in the Pacific Islands
495 Michael Mott The Future of Wind Energy in the United States
496 Minxuan Hong Increasing CO‚‚ Level caused by human behaviors is endangering the great barrier reef in Australia
497 Mitchell Williams Impacts of Parasitic Pathogens on the Eastern Oyster Population
498 Morgan Ashton The Ocean’s Water Reaches Record Temperatures Resulting in Severe Damage to The Great Barrier Reef
499 moussa Kane Impacts of Genetically Modified Food in today’s society.
500 Nadia Rahiman Marine Plastic Debris is affecting the Loggerhead Turtles in the Coasts of Cape Town
501 Natalie Georgalas Extracting Palm Oil is Causing a Decrease in Population of Sumatra Orangutans in Sumatra, Indonesia
502 Olivia Johnson Small Modular Reactors Reduce Air Pollution in Beijing
503 Olivia Wilford Benefits to One’s Health and the Environment from a reduced Meat Diet
504 Paul Acheson The Invasive Autumn Olive (Elaeagnus Umbellata) within the Midwest
505 Raeya Gordon The Impact of Agricultural Runoff on The Great Barrier Reef
506 Ruth Neguse The Reoccurring Toxic Algal Blooms Resonating in Western Lake Erie
507 Ryan Boland Rising sea temperatures preventing the low Atlantic cod population from regrowing in the Gulf of Maine
508 Ryan Clark Climate Changes Cause Population Decline In New England Cod
509 Ryan Keller Why Gorillas live 10 to 15 years longer than Gorillas in the wild
510 Ryan King The Flint, Michigan Water Contamination Crisis Brings Many Health Concerns to the People of Flint, and America
511 Ryan McHugh The Giant panda population of central China faces serious adversity, namely habitat loss and fragmentation, and poaching.
512 Saaf Ahmad The vast accumulation of debris in the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch and its impact on seabird, sea turtle, and marine mammal species
513 Sam Finnerty Desalination:Environmental Effects, Technology, and the New Plant in Los Angeles
514 Sam Magness White-Nose Syndrome: The Fungal Disease of Little Brown Bats
515 Sam Stehlin Asian Carp Threatens Invasion into the Great Lakes Through Chicago Waterways
516 Samuel Fraelich Lead in the water of Flint Michigan could affect the children in the area that are still growing
517 Sara Hearn Increased Temperatures in the Bering Sea Area Cause Tufted Puffin Populations to Diminish
518 Sarah Stewart Shark Finning of Sphyrna Mokarran is Causing a Decrease in the Population of Sharks in the Atlantic Ocean
519 Sarah Tibbitts Ocean warming causing Adelie penguins to migrate as conditions are no longer suitable for chick-rearing
520 Shawn Hoffman Destruction of the Coral Due to Bleaching Caused by Water Warming and Water Acidification Off the Coast of Australia
521 Shazia Syed Microplastic Debris Threatens Sea Brids of the Great Lakes
522 Sibei Liu Global Warming Increases Home Range of Southern Gentoo Penguins
523 Simon Melton Tesla Moving Towards a Green Future by Integrating Their Electric Cars with New Solar Panels
524 Sinuo Li Blue green algae cause fish to die in Chaohu Lake
525 Siwei Chen Melting ice sheet of Greenland causing the reduction of land area and the rise of global sea level.
526 Steve Song The Environmental Impact on The Yangtze River by Three-Gorges Dam
527 Steven Li Particulate matter(PM)2.5 released from human activities linked to pulmonary diseases with people in Beijing.
528 Sugene Park American Pikas Becoming Disappeared in California
529 Sumaiya Fairuz Rising levels of PM2.5 concentration in the air pose health risks for residents in Beijing, China
530 Tanzim Khan High concentration of PM2.5 in the air create severe health concerns for the residents of Beijing
531 Taryn Davis Climate Change is Impacting the Lives of American Pikas in the Cascade Mountain Range
532 Taylor Lovejoy Pharmaceutical Pollution and Fish Modification
533 Taylor Poole The Last remaining Rhinos
535 Thomas Wilimitis Increased Carbon Levels Cause Coral Bleaching and Loss of Biodiversity in Great Barrier Reef
536 Tim Marra Fracking in Pennsylvania: Linked to Air Pollution, Contaminated Water, and Health Problems
537 Tonya Krider Inbreeding from melting ice bridges leads to bone deformities in wolves of Isle Royale National Park, Michigan
538 Tracey Lindsey The Chernobyl Accident: The Effects of Nuclear Radiation on the People of the Ukraine and Belarus
539 Tristan McDermott Effects of a changing climate on biotic organisms within the Pyrenees Mountains
540 Ty Hagberg Shifting Ice Sheets Threaten the Emperor Penguin Population
541 Vadim Moskalyuk Water Contamination in Northeastern U.S. Linked to Fracking
542 Valerie Blubaugh White-tailed Deer Overpopulation in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park
543 Wen Chun Liu Effects of Haze on human health in Beijing
544 Wenling Shi Black Carbon linked to Tibet dust which change Tibetan lifestyle
545 Wenqi Wu The Three Gorges Dam in China enhanced the rate of extinction of Baiji
546 Will Rouse The Environmental and Economic Trade-Offs of the Keystone Pipeline
547 Will Siman Wastewater disposal is becoming the leading factor in man made earthquakes affecting Northern Oklahoma
548 Wyatt Crosher The Abuse of Stressed Water Resources in Jharkhand, India
549 Wyatt Wortkoetter White-nose Syndrome
551 Xingyu Zhang Analyzing the impacts of smog in China on People€™ Cardiovascular systems
552 Xinhui Wang Climate change affects sea ice cover which causes reduction in the survival of adult emperor penguin and their breeding success
553 Xinyu Li The impact of radioactive material in Fukushima Daiichi
554 Yasuhiro Aihara Improvement and problems of local safety after 2011 nuclear accident in Fukushima
555 Ye Tian Natural Gas become alternative fuel in Beijing because of its less pollution
556 Yihan Hu Nuclear power pollution for Fukushima and Chernobyl disaster
557 Yiting Pan Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico Cause Destructive Damage to Marine Wildlife Along the Coast
558 Yu Jung Lee Do you remember Fukushima Daiichi accident?
559 Yucheng Li The nutrients and beneficial minerals in soil are dissolved by Sulfuric acid from acid rain, thus acid content is increasing, and it will replace other elements from plants to affect the their growth in Chongqing China.
560 Yuhan Wei Recognizing the Reasons of Antibiotic Misuse to Children and Possessing the Proper Concept of Using Drugs in Rural China
561 Yuhan Xu New energy automobile improved haze and bad environmental conditions in north and east China.
562 Zack Meder Effect of changing environmental patterns and the survival of Eudyptula minor penguins on the southern coasts of Australia and New Zealand
563 Zhang Xue The test flight of China first Hydrogen-powered fuel cell general airplane success
564 Zhihua Yang Luxury companies use ‘artificial breeding’ label drilling rare animal protection law loopholes
565 Zhixuan Zhang Radioactive materials at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant
566 Zijie Wang Effects of Climate Change on Coral Reefs.
567 Owen Koehler Heavy Metal Soil Contamination leads to increased risk of health issues in children of Los Angeles, California
568 Haoyu Luo NDVI helps analyze driving factors of desertification in north-west China
569 Evan Kreutzberg The Fukushima Daiichi Disaster and the Effects of Radiation on Earth and People
570 Dongyu Chen Algae bloom deteriorated Lake Tai freshwater