Session 5

Session Five of the 2013 Symposium took place from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm and featured 109 student presenters.


Name Poster Title
Isi Agho Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon
Jonathan Arthur Health effects of 2006 Ivory Coast toxic waste Dump
Tatiana Ashkar What lies beneath, the United Arab Emirates
Berry Bai Honda FCX Clarity, Fueling the Future
Trent Bailey Global warming  effects in Alaska
Phani Balijepalli Geothermal Energy: The Future
Sarah Barbee Eutrophication: A Natural and Cultural Occurrence
Jake Boes Ocean Acidification
Ryan Bolden Coral Bleaching in the great barrier reef
Martin Borkovec Question of the nuclear power plant Temelin in the Czech Republic
Jacob Bradshaw How Over-fishing and Overexploitation have Affected the Earth’s Aquatic Resources
Dylan Bram Carbon Capture and Storage in Context: Potential, Limitations, and Case Study
Ryan Burfield Harp Seals Depending on North Atlantic Sea Ice
Kiara Carballada Connectivity: The Great Barrier Reef and the mangroves
Andrew Castle Space Debris: Pollution of the Future
Yang Chen Hydrogen–The Savior for human’s future life
Yu Chen Climate change in Greenland
Darra Christensen Increasing Amounts of Pharmaceuticals in The World’s Drinking Water
Bryan Coffey Water Pollution in Lake Erie
Seth Collingwood Danger of the Asian Carp entering the Great Lakes
Erin Craine Green Not Black, Let’s Not Slack
Christopher Davis Environmental Impacts of Wind Power
Cody Dickens The Effect of Polychlorinated Biphenyls on Animal and Human Health
Olivia Dillon The Dangers of Ocean Acidification
Thomas Druzina Fracking: Is it Good or Bad?
Roderick Eckle Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder – How Pesticides And Fungicides Are Driving The Phenomenon
Amanda Ede Coral
Preston Ehrler Bisphenol A (BPA) in Aquatic Ecosystems
Garrett Eiben Geothermal Heating: A Better Tomorrow
Amy Engelbrecht Puma Concolor in the United States
Victor Falkowski Snakehead Fish Invasion
Likun Fan Fossil Fuel Burning Related Air pollution and Nuclear Power
Xiaojin Fan Resource use
Jacob Fletcher Ocean Acidification and its Effect on Marine Organisms
Matthew Francis The Potential for Sustainable Waste Systems in Urban America
Karen Fullin Examining the Effect of Tourism on the Preservation of the Galapagos Islands
Collin Gossel High-Level Nuclear Waste Disposal in Yucca Mountain, NV
Cavin Green Are the Polar Ice Caps Really Melting?
Michael Green Potential Consequences of the Distribution of Genetically Modified Seeds in Haiti
Junlin Gui The Fukushima nuclear accident and its effect on human health
Cassandra Hansford Crown of Thorns destroying Great Barrier Reef Corals
Veronica Havran-Vena The Environmental Impact of Green Roofs
Ashley Hedrick PCB’s and OC’s endangering the Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta Caretta) Species
Brooke Hedrick The Treasure oil spill in Table Bay affecting African Penguins
Kayla Hemmelgarn Global Climate Change on Crop Disease and Production
Kurt Henry A Fraking Explanation
Jacob Hesse Has The Clean Air Act actually cleaned our air?
Puneet Jain Solar Photovoltaics: The Future Energy Source
Jingheng Jia The causes of serious haze pollution above the area centered in Beijing in China
Zhiping Jin Air Pollution in China
Caroline Jochum Oh Frack No! The Dangers of Hydraulic Fracturing in Ohio
Jacob Kaylor Nuclear Radiation vs. Energy Produced in East Asia
Marina Kouvaris Environmental Effects of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch and Possible Solutions
Kiera Kratoville The Effect of Poaching of Asian Elephants in Kenya, Africa
Daniel Kruszniewski The overlooked impact of soot
Nazariy Kurdoba Reducing Our Carbon Footprint
Tim Lanzendorfer The Pros and Cons of Shale Gas and its Extraction
Marissa Lauer Sustainable Design
Andrew Laws How Urban Farming Can Help Cities Survive
John Lazzari Geothermal Energy – How We can Learn from Iceland’s Example
Danqing Li New Energy Sources and Our Hope After the Fossil Fuels Are Running Out
Qibo Li Haze in Wuhan a consequence of some natural and human causes
Yunong Li Lipotes vexillifer: likely to be extinct
Yong Liang Bisphenol A and Environment
Liang Liao Air pollution caused by CFCs
Antonio Losekamp Dam Removal and River Ecosystem Restoration
Mindy Lu The Battle for the Tibetan antelope
Elizabeth Ma
Ke Ma How would world population affect the environment?
Chelsea Maag Effects of Climate Change on Wildfires in California
James Marshall Global Air Pollution and Related Health Risks
Anastasia Martimyan Effects of Santa Ana Winds on the West Coast of the United States
Bethany Martin Conserving For Your Future
Emma Matcham Birds in Early Successional Forests
Austin McKinley Alternative Energy Sources
Jodi Mescher Invasive Hemlock Woolly Adelgid in the Appalachian Forest
Amber Miller Hawksbill Turtle Population
Mara Momenee Colony Collapse Disorder: The Plight of the American Honey Bee
Lindsey Oates The Effects of Endocrine Disruptors on Amphibians and the Possibly Effects they have on Humans
Gustav Plattenburg Resource Depletion: A Short-term Gain with Lasting Consequences
Becca Pollard Current and Past effects of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
Andrew Potosky Why Nuclear Power Should Take The Place of Coal Power
Katelyn Price The Effects of Climate Change on Adelie Penguins in Antarctica
Elizabeth Profitt Macroinvertebrates as Water Quality Indicators
Nicole Rabatin Fuel Production from Algae as Renewable Energy
Kylie Rieman The Harms of Pollution
Luke Roth Honda Clarity Setting the Pace For Hydrogen Powered Cars
Andrew Russell Obstacles in the Antarctic
Jordan Schriner The Ebb and Flow of Renewable Energy
Nicholas Sharick Is Ethanol Better for the Environment than Gasoline?
Kyle Stagg Blast Fishing
Timothy Stephenson The Downfall of Petrodiesel
Miles Stover Environmental Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing
Joshua Strickland Melting of Tundra Permafrost
Sean Tan Marine Debris – What? Why? Where? How?
David Thomas Contemporary Effects of Contamination on the Hydrological Resources of Lake Erie
Susan Vogelgesang The Effects of Global Warming on Polar Bears
Simeng Wang The impact of pollution on biodiversity
Elizabeth Watson Climate Change’s Effect on the Pacific Islands
Yuqi Wen Potential Damages hiding behind the colorful night
Jacob Wittman The Effects of Acid Mine Drainage on Stream Ecology
Leo Wu Greenhouse Effect
Luke Wu The food waste condition on our planet and how to resolve these problems with sustainable methods
Shiyu Zhai Endangered Panda
Chengzhou Zhang How to escape from nonrenewable energy? An outlook for future energy structure
Hong Zhang China air pollution
Qianwei Zhao Wastewater treatment
Menghan Zhou The Problems Solved and Unresolved About Green Architecture
Yiqun Zhou Types of pollution and corresponding  solutions
Qiaodan Zuo How Do Hybrid Cars Affect Environment