Session 2

Session Two of the 2013 Symposium took place from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm and featured 138 student presenters.


Name Poster Title
Emily Arther Costs and Benefits of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Protected Reserve
Aaron Banks The Use of Mushroom Species to Remediate  Soil Contaminated with Toxic Pollutants
Rendal Bass Oil Spills and The Effect on The Environment
Benjamin Beswetherick Environmental Impact of Factory Farming
Richard Birsic From the Sky to the Ground
Melissa Bittner The Effects of Light Pollution on Sea Turtle Orientation
Meghan Beegle Building Up Not Out
Michael Berrios Relationship between Global Warming, Climate Change and Hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean.
Patrick Bouchard Save the Narwhals Whal You Still Can!
Luke Boyle Satoyama – The Balance of Man and Nature in Japan
Dylan Bram Carbon Capture and Storage in Context: Potential, Limitations, and Case Study
Anthony Brandon The Effects of Wildfires on Our Atmosphere
Catherine Brennan Colony Collapse Disorder: The Declining Honeybee population.
Ryan Burfield North Atlantic Oscillation vs. Harp Seals
Alexis Burgett Car Wars
Katherine Burr-Chapman Pollutants and Their Effects on Brain Development
Qian Cai Biological Invasions: Possible Causes & why people SHOULD CARE
Chang Chang Aflatoxin – a potent liver carcinogen
McKenna Cimperman The Devastation of the Western Lowland Mountain Gorillas
Charlotte Clark Deforestation in the Amazon: Effects on the Ecosystem
Christopher Clark Wind Energy in Ohio
Austin Cooper Recovering the Wreckage:  Coral Reefs in Danger
Brandon Culp Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Ivy Decker Dangerous Diet: Bioaccumulation of PCBs in Killer Whales
Jacqueline Delay Homosexuality in Animals: Is it Different?
Mohamed Elbassoussy Water Pollution by Ship`s Waste
Jordan Ellerbrock Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Their Potential
Erin Engstrom Shrinking Polar Ice Caps and Rising Seas
Amo Fan Resource Use
Zachary Farmer How Air Pollution affects Ohio and the Environment within it
Julie Friedberg The Dying Dead Sea
Kun Gao The disappear of the Great Coral Reef and human activities
Jacquelyn Gardner Costs and Benefits of Wind Powered Energy on the Coast of the Great Lakes
Chris Gerarde Mercury Pollution and Its Effect on The Great Lakes
Ryan Gerda Effects climate change have on Great Lakes in North America
Joshua Gerold The Great Lakes: Past Affects and Future Improvements of PCBs and other Pollutants
Andrew Ginther Depletion of the United States’ Water Supply
Alexa Gough The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is Not What You Think
Matthew Greco Renewable energy strategies for the modern world
Jiayi Guo Can wind power to be a dominant energy in 50 years?
Ryan Hallowell Invasive Northern Snakehead in the Potomac River
Shawn Harmon The Invasion of Asian Carp
Emily Harris Algae Blooms Threatening Lake Erie
Jeffry Hayes A Prescribed Disaster: The Unintended Consequence of an Over-drugged Humanity
Jacob Hesse Has The Clean Air Act actually cleaned our air?
Weijia Hong Energy problems and strategies in China
Chelsea Hothem The Impact of Ocean Acidification on Marine Life
Patrick Houston The Benefits of Using Recycled Cooking Oil in the Production of Biodiesel Fuel
Menglu Huang Serious air quality problem in Chinese Capital, Beijing
Eli Humphries Hydraulic Fracturing Waste Disposal
Dongchen Huo Sandstorm Around the Globe
Vladimir Icovski The Toxic Algae of Lake Erie
Emily Jadwin Energy Conservation and its Psychosocial Influences
Nick Jenkins Boring You to Death
Katharine Jobko Capillary Faucets: How nature pumps water and how we can utilize it
Caleb Johnson Burrowing Mayflies and the Health of Lake Erie
Erin Johnson Ohio State bleeds Scarlet, Gray, and Green.
Marc Johnson Wind Energy in New York State
Alexis Korkate Green Roofing
Derek Korte The Disaster at Chernobyl
Andrew Kozlowski High energy and oil demand causes Malaysia to turn to Jatropha for biodiesel production
Brian Lamb Cryopreservation the Next Big Thing for Saving African Cats?
Nicholas Lascu The Desertification of the Sahel Region of Northern Africa
Sirui Li The Influences of Building Dams to Human
John Lieser Catching Rays
David Lim The Future of Nuclear Power in a Post-Fukushima World: Renaissance or Requiem
Beijie Lin Air Pollution
Edward Lin BPA and Fish Mating Behavior
Joseph Lonsert The Impact of Climate Change on Marine Environments: Coral Bleaching
Ruidi Lu Economic Effect of Invasive Quagga Mussels in the Great Lakes
Sarah Lubash Design for the Environment – an EPA Pollution Prevention Program
Qingzi Luo Sandstorm In China
Xi Luo The Green Building: An example of Urban Sustainability
Jinxin Ma The Amazing Aurora
Junze Ma Wind Energy in China
Nur Liyana Mat Nayan Clean Water Accessibility and Sanitation in Rural India
Shreeya Mathew The Environmental Impact of Meat Production: Problems and Solutions
Raquel May Living (and Bracing) for the City: Urban Vulnerabilities to Natural Disasters
Jacob Mitchell Our fisheries are being threatened by overfishing, but it’s not too late
Noah Mitchell Hydraulic Fracturing and the Environment
Matthew Murphy Increasing Dangers from Algal Blooms
Erica Newell The Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation on Human Health in Australia
Daniel Niemann Adverse effects of pollution on Lake Huron
Julia Parkins The Environmental Effects of Desalting Ocean Water
John Pierron Troubled Seas: The Effects of Ocean Acidification on Coral Reefs
Solly Poprish Effects of Climate Change
Matthew Pugh Costa Rica’s Hydropower Energy Projects
Ilyssa Resnick The growing effects of Ocean Acidification on marine life
Zachary Richards American Bullfrogs and Their Invasive Tendencies
Reid Rini Fracking: Natural Gas Drilling and its effects on the environment
Heather Rogers The Battle for Cleaner Air in Beijing
Bryan Rohaley Water Pollution in The Great Lakes
Joe Rumora Coral Reef Killers: Crown of Throne Starfish
Hannah Russell The Changing World of Food Production: An Introduction to Aquaculture
Angelic Sagraves The Gray Wolf in the Western United States
Elsa Saelens Hydraulic Fracturing in the Marcellus Shale Region
Mitchell Schnaible The Deforestation of Easter Island
Matthew Scott Implementing a Carbon Tax To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
YanFeng Shen Protecting Earth’s freshwater due to the water pollution
Julia Sheng Protect Forest in Amazon
Yi Sheng Soil Erosion in China
Alexander Singer The Effects of climate change on Culebra, Puerto Rico’s Coral Reefs.
Kevin Skubak The Cause and Effects of Acid Rain in China
Logan Smith E.coli and Other Pollutants in the Great Lakes Region
Alana Snow The Effects of Plastic Litter on Marine Life
Sarah Snyder Effects of wind energy facilities in North America on bat mortality
Xiao Song The Mysterious Deep Ocean
Tyler Stark Curitiba: Urban Development and The Future
Gregory Strine We’re Fracking Up our Country, Why Should I Care?
Dylan Stern Japanese Radioactive Water Contamination:  The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
Joseph Szabo Fracking and Urban Sustainability
Nathan Urbanik Water Pollution and You.
Adit Vakil Environmental Toxins
Alexa Vantrease Fukushima: How Harmful is the Radiation?
Jordan Wagner Global Warming: Causing Change in Global Rainfall
Shujian Wang The harmful impact on environment from Three Gorges Dam
Siyi Wang The facts and discoveries of waste water treatment
Yao Wang Environmental Impact of Volcanic Eruption
Yihan Wang The Method of Waste Water Treatment
Yu Wang The impact of Nino phenomenon to marine fishing
Ian Watts Western Wildfires and the effects they have on Forest Ecology
Isaac Watts The Positive and Negatives of Drilling Shale (Fracking) In the Midwest.
Ella Weaver Toxic Algae Blooms in Lake Erie
Isaac Wildermuth Big Cats, Dwindling Population
Hannah Williams Atrocities of the Arctic
Matthew Wilson An Increase in Ocean Temperatures Leads to an Increase in the Severity and Frequency of Hurricanes
Elizabeth Winter Invasive Species in the Great Lakes
Brandon Wright Rising temperatures and the effects it has on the nesting activities of Loggerhead Turtles in the Mediterranean coastal areas.
Jin Yan Study on Haze-Fog weather in metropolitan cities of China and its potential health risk
Irene Yang Air pollution in Beijing
Jian Yang Green Architecture in Urbanization
Spencer Yasinow Asbestos Pollution in Libby, Montana
Lu Yin Is our drinking water safe or not?
Matthew Youngpeter The Effects of Sonar on Beaked Whales
Ya Yuan The Impact of Globalization on Environment
Xi Zhang Soil Erosion in China
Yanyan Zhang The impact of population growth on biodiversity
Jie Zheng Global water availability
Jason Zhong Disappearing Dragonflies: Local Extinction of Aquatic Insects Related to Urbanization and Implications for Biological Conservation