Session 1

Session One of the 2013 Symposium took place from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and featured 127 student presenters.


Name Poster Title
Daniel Ackerman The Effects of Wind Turbines on Bird Mortality Rates and Migration
Danielle Baker The Effects of Coral Reefs and Overfishing
Jenna Birkmeyer The Effects of Confined Animal Feeding Operations on Air, Water, and Human Populations
Elizabeth Bertolini Blooming Jellyfish Populations
Ryan Bixler The Economics of Energy: Comparing Alternative Fuels from a Business Viewpoint
Jamie Lynn Boudreaux Honeybees: The Dwindling Population
Jack Bowman Sea Level Changes and their Impact on the Urban Coastal Island of Tuvalu
Vincent Bradberry Fracking in Ohio
Jordan Brichant Devastating Effects on the Hudson River
Libby Brigner Mountaintop Removal and Its Effects on Appalachia
Emma Brown Ocean Acidification and the Resultant Effects on Coral – Reef Systems
Michael Budde Glacial Melting
Kate Butterbaugh The Effects of Selenium Waste from Mountaintop Removal on Fish
Salvatore Caradonna How Climate Change Is Fueling Forest Fires in the Western US.
Ryan Carter Oil Changes Everything
Yingru Chen The Impact of Human Activities and Climate Change on the Amazon Rainforest
Brian Chessin Asian Carp’s Effect on the Great Lakes
Elizabeth Chow History of Elephant Endangerment and it’s Conservation Efforts
Christopher Clemens Lack of Water in Africa
Taylor Clendenin Natural Gas: Problem or Solution?
Derek Coleman The Problems of Pollution
Elisha Cordle Effects on Arctic Food Chains and Humanity as Arctic Ice Melts
Mickey Croxton Graphene: Sparking a New Wave of Technology
Meg Decker The Effects of Asbestos Contamination in Libby, Montana
Brian DeMois Our World’s Overpopulation and Overconsumption
Meriem Djemel Human Impact on Biodiversity
Christopher Dupuis Himalayan Glacial Melt
Rachel Eckert The Decline of Blue Whales
Taylor Edwards Impact of Zebra Mussels
Chad Ellwood Effects of Mercury Emissions from Deforestation and Gold Mining on the Surrounding Amazonian Populations
Lexus Fannin Dangers Facing and the Conservation Efforts of Sea Turtles
Nathan Foust Taking Flight: The Search for Alternative Jet Fuels
Leah Franklin Clean Water Creates Community
Blake Gerdeman Endangered Cheetahs
Daniel Gire The Good, The Bad, The Fracking
Rebecca Goffe The More we Eat, the More our Planet is at Risk
Alyssa Gordon Permafrost in Alaska
Olivia Grosso The Miskito People of Honduras and their Native Lands
Jack Hanley Hydraulic Fracturing and Potential Issues
Dan He Fukushima Nuclear Crisis
Cammi Heinlein Growing Greener Cities
Elyssa Helker The Dying Barrier Reefs
Daniel Hiatt Hypoxic Zones and their Effect on Wild Life
Connor Hooper Effects of Hydraulic Fracturing on Local Environments
Yueqing Hu Water Pollution
Ryan Hudson Will We Soon Be Eating Mutant Fish?
Julie Hussey Invasive Feral Hogs and the Threats They Pose to the Environment
Christopher James Overfishing: Problematic for Oceans
Spank Kahle Making Landfills Safer for the Environment Surrounding It
Phil Kenny What We Can Learn From the 1987 Montreal Protocol’s Impact on the Ozone and Climate Change
Landon Kimble The Human Effect on Honeybees
Alexander Kneisel What Is Ocean Acidification and How Can It Be Slowed Down?
Stefan Koltun Deforestation’s Impact on Civilization
Andrea Kroeger Conservation of Ash Trees Against the Emerald Ash Borer
Avanti Krovi Fracking and Its Environmental Complications
Missy Lankard Air Pollution Control in China
Patrick Laser The Future of Transportation: Fuels
Cooper Legeza Disbelief in Climate Change: Reasons Why and What We Can Do
Brendan Liberti Waterfowl Populations Are In The Hands of the Wetlands
Jane Lisitsyn Dirty Oil: The economic and Environmental Implications of Extracting Oil from the Tar Sands in Alberta, Canada
Anthony Marino Effects of Human Decisions on Wildlife
Casimir Martina The Potential Threats to Life on Earth Due to a Warming Climate
Evan McElhinny Sustainability and The Olympic Games
Colleen McHenry Endangered Oceanic Species: Fish are Friends, Not Food
Ellen McNally Environmental Terrorism and Eco-Terrorism in the United States
Wesley Merwin Smothering Elegance: Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest
Justin Mescher Deforestation in India
Messaoud Mezrar The Environmental Damage of Oil Spill in Prince William, Alaska
Kevin Mulh Sonar: The Underwater Effects on Beaked Whales
Connor Mulrooney Preservation Methods for Coral Reef Bleaching
Jazmine Miller  Air Pollution Effects on Human Health
Marisa Murphy Frankenfish: Genetically Engineered Salmon-The Future of Food?
Emily Obringer Ohio Tick Population
Roger Parsons Renewable Energy: Wave Power
Remy Pascine Say No to GMO
Lauren Patterson Missing the Monarchs
Erin Pipik The Tragic Hawaii Molasses Spill
Kathleen Posey The Great Barrier Reef
Taylor Powers Food Production: Processed and Organic
Kewei Qian
Jack Rabe Impact of Illegal Poaching on African Wildlife
Stephanie Ransom Ashes to Ashes
Bingwen Ren The Influence of Climate Change Upon The Marine Ecosystem
Lacey Rexrode Analyzing the Plausibility of Implementing Photovoltaic Power Stations in Arid Climates
Adam Rice Water Pollution in Ohio Rivers
Colby Richards Green Buildings: Building a Sustainable Future
Benjamin Rigdon A Carbon Tax in the United States
Katie Roberts Game Reserves: Battling Ethical Issues while Providing a Stable Ecosystem
Austin Roby The Big Bad Wolf: Not so Bad After All
Zachary Rumer The Emission of Greenhouse Gases
Sarah Runion Fracking: More Harm than Good
Zachary Rusk Antibiotics in the Food Industry
Caitlyn Sack The Ecological Future of the Wild Plains Bison in Yellowstone National Park
Tyler Schafer Microbial Alternative Fuel: Turning our Wastewater into Energy
Audrey Schriver Chemical Effects on Honeybee Populations
Mariah Scott Grey Water Recycling
Caitlin Sheban Too Much of a Good Thing is a Bad Thing: Monoculture Evils
Stephanie Shultz Protecting Freshwater Sands From Fracking: It’s Already Being Done
Max Silberman Melting Sea-Ice and Krill’s Reduced Abundance: Effects on Antarctic’s Ecosystem
Eric Smith Vanishing Oasis
Haley Smith Is Your Drinking Water Safe?
Amanda Soto Conserving Madagascar Cryptoprocta Ferox (Fossa)
Graham Spangler Composting the Results of Population Growth
Kassandra Spangler Pursuit of Stability: What Pushes You to Go-Green?
Caroline Speice Causes and Effects of Dangerous Lake Erie Algae Blooms
Summer Stewart Are We Destroying Our Oceans?
Robert Stump Agricultural Factors in ‘New Africa’
Chujie Sun Sustainable Energy: Solar
Heather Taylor The New Face of Global Warming
Alex Temple The Sea Otter: The Planets Hero
Matthew Unger Coral Reef Restoration Around the Globe
Raixia Velazquez Aquaponics: The Road to Sustainability
Aoning Wang Water Pollution
Shaina Wensink Ocean Acidification
Wesley Werstiuk
Katherine White Climate Influences on Nesting Sea Turtles
Kirk Williams The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Alexa Wojcik The Detrimental Effects of Contaminated Runoff in the United States
Alexis Wolfe
Xuge Xiang Deadly Diseases Caused by the Air Pollution Issue
Alex Yadegari Switching to Wind Energy to Overcome Fossil Fuel Pollutants in Environment
Ellie Zhang How can people reduce fresh water scarcity in China?
Kewei Zhang The Current Situation of Climate Change
Jiazhe Zhou A Shrinking North Pole: The Icy Arctic is Now on fire
Yi Zhou The Risk of Human Health Associated with Water Pollution
Zhilin Zhuang The Ways Climate Change Threatens our Health
Brittany Zoecklein The Ghostly Reefs