Session 4

Session Four of the 2014 Symposium took place from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm and exhibited 169 student presenters.


Poster Number



601  Aaron Rhodes Structurally Integrated Photovoltaic Technologies
602  Adam Perez The Pesticide Problem
603  Addair Levine Eutrophication in Lake Erie
604  Alberto Yongko Living Green: Saving the Environment by Saving Your Bills
605  Alex Gross Ecological Impacts of Deer Overpopulation
606  Alonzo Madaris No title provided
607  Amanda Mahaffey The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
608  Amir Saada Hypoxia, decreasing dissolved oxygen levels in the Gulf of Mexico are a prominent threat to marine life.
609  Amira Hummer Sweden & Its Search for Sustainable Energy Sources
610  Angela Karen Ways to Process the Production of Biodiesel
611  Anna Burnette Oil and gas deposits in the Arctic: production possibilities and effects on the environment.
612  Anna Crouser Pacific Bluefin Tuna Populations Threatened by Overfishing of Oceans
613  Anne Dietrich The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
614  Annie Craycraft Ohio River Water Quality
615  Anthony D’Amico Fuel cells
616  Austin Shafer-Farmer Anti-Rhino Poaching Legislation
617  Austin Sullivan Glacial Melting and its Effects on Surrounding Environments
618  Beth Courson Landfills: The Effect of  Garbage on Air Pollution
619  Brad Hakim Sustainable Energy, The Path to a Green Future
620  Brady Nye Algal Blooms: The Story of Lake Erie’s Toxic Water
621  Brandon Jackson Managing Natural Resources
622  Brent Mitchell Fracking and its Environmental Effects
623  Brittany Lorish The Effects of Unsustainable Palm Oil Plantations on Indonesian Ecology
624  Bryan Petrunak No title provided
625  Cenica Ringgold Invasive Plant Species and the Grand Canyon Ecosystem
626  Chelsea Starkey No title provided
627  Christian Klamar Space Invaders: The Zebra Mussel And Its Aquatic Occupation Of Lake Erie
628  Clarissa Bottom Radiation Effects on Birds in Chernobyl
629  Courtney Fisher Improper Waste Disposal in Japan
630  Courtney Walter Migration of Monarch Butterflies to Mexico
631  Craig Petty No title provided
632  Daisy Xia Xia The effects on marine animals and human being from PCBs
633  Dan Hribar Depletion of Groundwater Resources in the Western U.S.
634  Dani Margolis Greenhouse Gases: What, Where, and Why?
635  Daniel Prior Eco-Cities: A Merging of Environmental Sustainability and Economic Viability
636  Daniel Tomasek Effects of Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution on Water Resources
637  Danielle Wallace Improving with Cover Crop
638  DeJuan Thompson Depletion of Oil
639  Devin Magner Declining Bird Populations in North America
640  Donald Sinclar How Animals in the Arctic are Affected by Global Warming
641  Dylan Werts Acid Rain: A Cause for Environmental Concern
642  Elizabeth Girvin Cerulean Warbler habitat endangered without reforestation.
643  Ellen Warfield The Effects of Beavers (Castor canadensis) on Ecosystems
644  Ellen Wu Genetically Modified Organisms
645  Eric Metcalf No title provided
646  Evan Wilkerson No title provided
647  Everett Conn Electric Revival
648  Farren Collins Water Scarcity
649  Geri Newman How Fracking is Polluting Our Air
650  Gordon Wall The Effect of Greenhouse Gas Emission on the Atmosphere: A Study of Ozone Depletion
651  Gregory Kim Salmon Population vs Dams Removal
652  Helen Hu The danger and solutions to the red tide in florida
653  Jacob Horvath The Effects of Airborne PM2.5 on Human Health in the United States
654  Jacob Shriver What the Frack
655  Jacob Snyder Fracking In Ohio, Good or Bad?
656  James Borges An Ash Tree’s Worst Nightmare: the Emerald Ash Borer
657  James Glover No title provided
658  Jared Joliat Acid rain in China, Consequences and possible solutions
659  Jay Roever Minilivestock: Can Insects Reduce Our Dietary Footprint?
660  Jeffrey Spellmire Environmental Impact of the Keystone Pipeline
661  Jennie Button The Effects of Pollution on Sea Turtles
662  Jiaxi Zhou Air Pollution and Global Warming
663  Jiaying Zhang Application of New Energy in Human Life
664  Jin Feng Protect Giant Panda
665  Jing Li Plant Species Invasion and How to Solve
666  John Heflin Global Warming is Killing the Chances of Curing Cancer
667  Jordan Lempke Coral Reef Bleaching Around the Globe
668  Karen Schaffer No title provided
669  Katie Bilinski Controversies of Fracking
670  Kelli Davis Black Carbon Emissions in the Arctic
671  Kelly Lee Plastic Debris in the World’s Oceans, the great ‘Garbage Patch’
672  Kyle Alt Cyanobacterium of Lake Erie’s Western Basin
673  Kyle Kellogg Lake Erie Algae Blooms
674  Kyle Muha The Global Impact of American Population Growth and Food Consumption
675  Lang Cheng Solar Energy in the United States
676  Laura Elliott Water Depletion in the Colorado River
677  Lauren Jesch Declination of Whitebark Pine on Grizzly Bears
678  Lauren Richards Pesticides: Weapons of Mass Wildlife Destruction
679  Leeseul Park Environmental impacts of E-waste
680  Lexxus Brown The Effects of Environmental Lead Exposure on Early Childhood
681  Logan Mathes Going Green: Alternative Fuels
682  Logan Maus What the ‘frack’ are we doing?
683  Lucas Kehoe Harmful Algae Blooms in Lake Erie
684  Luke Bradburn Nuclear Waste and Where it Can Go
685  Madison Curtis The Fluctuating Population of Blue Crabs in the Chesapeake Bay
686  Mahad Aden Effects Of E Waste In China
687  Mallory Gruich Ozone Depletion Caused By CFC’s
688  Mario Carneiro Effectiveness of Smart Grid Technologies: Japan Case Study
689  Mark Goergy Resource Depletion
690  Mark Losinski The Corruption of our Water
691  Marlene Moore Be ahead of the time: make a difference with your business
692  Matthew Gustafson Determining the exact location of lightning strikes
693  Matthew Leightman The Effects of Hurricane Ike
694  Megan Hutchinson Air Pollution in China
695  Mel Dinderman Conservation of Coral Reefs
696  Mengjia Wang Green Building – Sustainability and Innovative Construction
697  Mengxiong Liu Silent spring, DDT in Great Lakes
698  Meredith Perin Extreme Glacial Melting A Concern For the World
699  Michael Faist Glacier National Park as an Indicator of Climate Change
700  Michaela Smith The Effects of Different Cyanotoxins Produced by Harmful Algal Blooms Across the World
701  Michelle Palange The Decline of Coral Reefs in the Eastern Pacific
702  Mingwei Hu Does xylene destroy one city?
703  Miranda Mortenson The Effects Of Meat Production On Our Water
704  Mitchell Wilson The Effects of Unsafe Nuclear Waste Disposal along the Italian Coastline
705  Mohd Najmi Bin Kamarudin Exploring the Diversity of Green Architectural for Positive Environmental Growth.
706  Nano Zheng Introduction to the Causes and Effects of Global Warming and Its Possible Solutions
707  Nathan Kleshinski Benefits of Organic Agriculture
708  Nathan Meisberger Overfishing
709  Nathan Rubinstein The Human Caused Extinction
710  Nathan Ye PM2.5, a problem must be solved
711  Nawar Basha Where Have the Bees Gone?  Colony Collapse Disorder
712  Nicholas Cronin The Study of Lion Endangerment in Africa
713  Nicholas Tripodi Overpopulation in Nigeria
714  Nicole Brockwell A Nicaraguan Nightmare
715  Nicole Ratliff Water Shortages in the Western United States
716  Noah Hughes Hydrofracking
717  Nolan Laufer A Comparison Between Rain-Fed and Irrigated Paddy Rice in Northeast Thailand
718  Olivia Denzy No title provided
719  Patrick Brito The Life-cycle of Stars and How it Affects Us
720  Qiping Zhou Environmental Impact of Rare Earth Elements
721  Rachel Thomas No Bees No Humans?
722  Richard Smith The Final Frontier: Black Gold
723  Ris Twigg Biomagnification in the Bolivian Amazon
724  Robert Guiler The Invasion of the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle
725  Robin Lee Earth is Thirsty
726  Ryan Backs Exasperation of Water Shortage by China’s Coal Industry
727  Ryan Leynaud Decline of Honey Bees
728  Samuel Campbell The Need for Eco-Friendly Automobiles
729  Shiyu Ma Clean Energy
730  Shiyun Wang China’s Three Gorges Dam: An Environmental Catastrophe?
731  Sihan Ouyang No title provided
732  Siqing Zhu Air Pollution
733  Steven Ferreira No title provided
734  Taozhe Liu Fuel Economy & Eco-friendliness
735  Taylor Case Adapting to Change: The Flightless Bird Struggles
736  Teddy Wright Ozone Recovery
737  Thomas Nugent Effects of the Reintroduction of Grey Wolves in Yellowstone – Thomas Nugent
738  Todd Neer Cancer-Ultraviolet Radiation and Naked Mole Rats
739  Tyler Repasky Our Lives, Our Planet, Our Future: Freshwater Depletion
740  Ubada Hafez Hybrid Cars
741  Ules Jackson No title provided
742  Vanessa Rebollar Winter is Coming… (Maybe?)
743  Vincent Lombardi California Water Crisis
744  Vincent Tata From the Highest Highs to the Lowest Lows
745  Viv Le Changes in Bird Migration and Breeding
746  Weiliang Liu Negative Effect of Wind Energy
747  Wenjun Li The effect and cause of water pollution
748  Will Mitchell Worms Belong in Your Food
749  William Myers.1611 Trash the final frontier
750  Xiali Wang Renewable Biofuel: Hard but Bright Future
751  Xiangyang Shi The reaction of nitrogen dioxide with water
752  Xiao Liang Wastewater: impacts on earth and how we can solve this problem
753  Xilin Du Solutions of Global Warming
754  Xuewen Qiu Marine Biodiversity
755  Yalan Li The Effect of Global Warming on Plants and Animals
756  Yang Song Issues of Water System: Pollution and Invasive Species
757  Yijia Chen Is Forest Fire a monster or a friend? Take the Effect of Forest Fire on Plants as an Example
758  Yilin Zhang How can the water pollution be controlled?
759  Yiqian Lin No title provided
760  Yuxin Li Smog and Fog pollution in China
761  Yuyang Zhao Forest is the key of ecosystem
762  Zachary Kanney Red Algae and its Effects on Humans and Marine Sea Life in Florida
763  Zachary Zupanic Waste Treatment Plants
764  Zack Ebright Human and Animal Wildlife Coexistence
765  Zane Esch Whales & The danger of Navy Sonar
766  Zhilin Li Speculation about the underlying causes of earthquake formation
767  Zhuqing Xiao The Upcoming Disaster of Worldwide Coral Decline
768  Zicong Wang Haze over China: Situation and Solution
769  Zixuan Guo Air Pollution problem in China