Session 3

Session Three of the 2014 Symposium took place from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm and exhibited 167 student presenters.


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401  Aaron Artis Pollution Effects on Lake Erie
402  Abhi Mehta Amazon Rainforest : Importance & Preventing Deforestation
403  Adam Stritenberger Appetite for Destruction: The Emerald Ash Borer
404  Ahmed Shukri CO2 in Ohio
405  Alec Serfozo No title provided
406  Alexandra Troester Fishery Bycatch and Its Effect on Marine Turtle Population Decline
407  Allie Begg The Endangered White Rhino
408  Allison DeLong Neonicotinoids Linked To Bee Populations Decline
409  Allison Quinones No title provided
410  Amanda Rogers Greenland’s Ice Melt, A Cause For Rising Sea Levels
411  Andrea Davis Tsunamis
412  Andrea Hoover Liquid and Gas Injections and Increased Seismic Activity
413  Andrew Clark The Effects of pH Imbalance on Aquatic Ecosystems
414  Andrew Craine Fracking in the Midwest
415  Andrew Harding Agricultural Runoff Effects on Water Quality
416  Andrew Peters An Essential Future: Why Nuclear Waste Disposal Needs a Transformation
417  Andy Bodi The Asian Carp Invasion of the Great Lakes
418  Angela Davis Polluted Water Resources: Another Threat to the Egyptian Population
419  Anna Flood The Impact of Eating Beef
420  Antara Chatterjee Pee-cycling
421  Ash Ryan Fracking: Is it Worth the Risk?
422  Bowen Zheng Biomass Energy in Ohio
423  Brandon Hemmelgarn No title provided
424  Brandt Barber Silent Splash: Marine Epidemic off West Coast
425  Brendan Sweeney Endangered and Extinct Species in the United States
426  Brittany Dodson Hydraulic Fracturing: Surface Spills
427  Brooke Gesler The Impact of Tornadoes and Possible Solutions to Reduce Physical and Psychological Damage
428  Cameron Elkin Electric Vehicles- the Future
429  Cari Palmer City-Dwelling Spiders: Effects of Urbanization on Increasing Size
430  Casey O’Connor Blue Whales vs. Shipping Routes: The Fight Isn’t Over
431  Chase Blankenship Agricultural Pollution in the Chesapeake Bay
432  Chelseay Thomas Environmental Vegetarianism a Positive or Negative Solution to Environmental Issues
433  Chloe Skinner Noise Pollution: Effects on Ocean Mammals
434  Christen Foltz A Dying Ocean
435  Christopher Donohue Photovoltaic Energy
436  Christopher Evans Deforestation: Brazilian Amazon
437  Clayton Eberly Biomass: The Path To Being Fossil Fuel-Free
438  Corinne Herbert Palm Oil: Effects on the World and the Wild
439  Courtney Enos Sustainable Fisheries: Avoiding the Aquacalypse
440  D Jae Chng Wildlife Mutations in Chernobyl
441  Danielle Di Scala Carbon Capture and Sequestration–a Viable Solution to the Greenhouse
442  Danielle Jones Should Large Marine Mammals be Kept in Captivity?
443  Derek Duncan The Effect of Polychlorinated Biphenyls on Killer Whales in the Puget Sound
444  Dongyuan Song 2008-2014 Air Pollution in Beijing
445  DTreal Bennet No title provided
446  Elizabeth Dudek The Great Lakes Invasion
447  Elizabeth Litzinger Endangerment of the Polar Bear Population
448  Elizabeth Ries Solar Technologies in Our World
449  Erica Temes Killing The Humans of The Oceans: The Orca Whale
450  Erin Stinard What’s Killing the Killer Whales?
451  Fangyu Han Global Warming: Still a Big Problem
452  Francis O’Donnell No title provided
453  George Yang Born to fly: Dinosaurs becoming birds
454  Gianni Tutolo Water Pollution Today
455  Green Xu Sewage water treatment
456  Hannah Brosky A New Wave for Tidal Energy
457  Hannah Lee The Political Climate of Climate
458  Heidi Liou Slowing down fast fashion: an examination of environmental concerns of apparel supply chains
459  Heidi Lykins Belching Bovine
460  Holly Malkawi Dolls or Dolphins
461  Huining Sun It is time to eat insects
462  Ian Campbell The Negative Effects of Conventional Road-Deicers and Safer, Cheaper, Alternatives​
463  Ikmal Azmi The negative effects of Light Pollution
464  Jack Shen Wind Energy-A bright future for the U.S.
465  Jack Walencewicz Deforestation in the Amazon
466  Jackie Muff Arctic Foxes in Fennoscandia: Disappearing Act or Comeback Kid?
467  James Coughlin Asian Carp Invasion in the Great Lakes
468  Jared Tardiff The Impact of Neonicotinoids on Bees
469  Jason Wan Healing and the Future of the Ozone Layer
470  Jennifer Trout No title provided
471  Jesslyn Watson The Effects of Acid Rain on Sugar Maples and Maple Syrup Production
472  Ji Shi Solar Energy
473  Jia Wei Shanghai’s Path to Sustainable Energy Sources
474  Jiawei Hou Air Pollution In China
475  John Hird Shark Finning
476  John Lapple The Great Lakes and their Effect on Surrounding States
477  Jonathan Lo Ocean Acidification: The End of Seafood
478  Joseph Chilleo Illegal Dumping in The Oceans
479  Joseph Lieske Rising Levels of Mercury in the World’s Oceans
480  Joseph Otworth How Sustainable/Green Building Reduces Human Impact on the Environment
481  Julianne Dangelo Underwater Turbines
482  Kaitlyn Bankey Radioactive Fallout: The Effects on Humans and the Environment
483  Kalli Running Plant-Based Diet and the Environment
484  Kameron Meeting Effects of Ocean Pollution
485  Karlee Hehemann No title provided
486  Katherine Courson No title provided
487  Kathryn Boester No title provided
488  Katie Wright Effects of CO2 on Coral Reefs
489  Kenneth Schwickrath The Solar Cycle and Our Changing Weather
490  Krystal Pocock Eutrophication in Lake Erie
491  Lillian Nummi Lake Erie’s Algal Blooms
492  Lindsay Hammer Transmission and Prevention of Malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa and Other Malaria Prevalent Areas
493  Lingxuan Yang Nuclear power energy
494  Lingyu Wu Air pollution In China
495  Linnea Fox The Growth of Garbage Patches: Pollution in the S. Pacific Gyre
496  Luke Howard Damming Rivers to Their Death
497  Lun Li How disposable products impact the environment and human health
498  Makiah Estes Valuing Pollinators
499  Makiah Payne Bees: Colony Collapse and the Verroa Destructor
500  Margaret Barton Hydraulic Fracturing in Garfeild County, Colorado
501  Maxx McKenna Asian Carp: A Dangerously Invasive Species
502  Meg Guo Nuclear Power Production In the United States
503  Mejd Shkoukani Coral Reefs – At Risk
504  Melissa Wilson The Lasting Mistake : The Autumn Olive Tree
505  Merrill Bolan No title provided
506  Michael Devine No title provided
507  Michael Mocsiran Bald Eagles: On the Rise from Endangerment
508  Michaela Cunningham Honeybee Existence Vital to Ecosystem Stability
509  Mikhail Yakhnitskiy Animals of Chernobyl and Fukushima
510  Milana Novgorodsky No title provided
511  Minchen Huang Endangered Polar Bear
512  Nan Chen The fairy in the sea
513  Ningqi Huang Biodiversity Declines in Australia
514  Paige Barrett Genetically Modified Corn: Better than Natural?
515  Patrick Lyle Hydraulic Fracturing in the Midwest
516  Paul Grekian Volcanic Activities Effect on Climate and Atmosphere
517  Paul Verdier Vital Pollinators: The Demise of Apis Mellifera
518  Peter Myeroff Changing Highways: The US Journey Toward Sustainable Transportation
519  Peter Nguyen Algae Hazards in Our Drinking Water
520  Philip Meil-Johnson Trash to Treasure: Using Waste as an Alternative Energy Source
521  Qi Feng Bio diesel as an alternative to oil
522  Qingyang Liu The effects of urbanization on natural environment in China
523  Quan Zhou The cause and effect of global warming
524  Quinn Prendergast The Mountain Pine Beetle: Little Creatures, Big Problems
525  Rachel Decker The Decrease in Orca Population in Puget Sound
526  Rachel Diamond PCBs and their affect on the Puget Sound orca whale population
527  Rachel Epstein No title provided
528  Rebecca Paulson Honey, We Shrunk the Bee Population!
529  Robby Memmer The Thirst for Oil in the Arctic
530  Robert May Environmental Impact of Wind Power
531  Robert Scarpinito Global Warming and Politics
532  Ruihan Zhang Should Three Gorges hydroelectric power station be built or not?
533  Ruiming Yao Water pollution in the Yangtze River
534  Ryan Kelly.1040 The Cause and Effect of Algae Blooms on Lake Erie
535  Ryan Robinson DuPont’s C8 Pollution & Its Effects
536  Samuel Christman Harmful Algae Blooms in Ohio
537  Samuel Reid No title provided
538  Scott Mckown Hydraulic Fracking in Northeast Ohio
539  Sean Miles It’s My Water, and I Need it Now!
540  Seth Chandler The Legendary Albatross vs The Human Population
541  Sangheun Lee World in Food War. How long can our food production and supply system can satisfy global food demand?
542  Shi Tong Shao No title provided
543  Shiqing Pan Approaching Antarctic
544  Siying Chang Solid Waste Management in Urban Areas
545  Stephanie Hyland Fighting for Wolves
546  Tad Wheeler Methane (CH4) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2 ) Emissions: A Comparison of the Poultry, Pork, and Beef Industries
547  Taiwan Jackson Lake Pollution and the Importance of our Waters
548  Tara Burchwell Laysan Albatross and the Plastic Sea
549  Taryn Stanley Effects of Global Warming on Polar Bears
550  Thomas Wilson Algae Bloom Cause and Effect in Lake Erie
551  Tian Qiu Causes and effets of industrial pollution in China
552  Tyler Pfister Whitetail Overpopulation: Majestic Irony
553  William Schneck An Examination of Elephant Poaching in Africa
554  Wilson Luan Glacier melting in Greenland
555  Wyatt West Wildfire and its effect on Western United States Ecosystems
556  Xiangyu Xu White pollution
557  Xiaru Dong How does Green Architecture reduce green house gas?
558  Yaoting Shen Fukushima: A Nuclear War without a War
559  Yiyang Li Agriculture and food security in China
560  Yuanjie Qian Cause, Effects and Prevention of Global Warming
561  Yujia Sheng Haze Crisis in China
562  Zachary Smock Habitat Loss of African Great Apes
563  Zeb Walters The California Drought and Resultant Decline of Coho Salmon
564  Zeenia Madan The Destruction of Coral Reefs
565  Zenan Li What should we do with global warming
566  Zhiyue Wang Food safety in China
567  Ziheng Xiao The land use and soil erosion of The Loess Plateau