Session 2

Session Two of the 2014 Symposium took place from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm and exhibited 186 student presenters.


Poster Number



201  Adrienne Agee Shark Finning
202  Alex Graora No title provided
203  Alexander Bleich How Does Southern California Air Pollution Affect Child Development?
204  Alina Yuan Can we feed the world?
205  Allison Mitroff How Natural Disasters Effect Population
206  Ally Niehaus Could Climate Change Mean No More Chocolate?
207  Andrea Lowe The Mask of Climate Change: Global Dimming
208  Andrea Randall Land Degradation in Ethiopia
209  Andrea Treadway The United States Meat Industry as a Catalyst for Environmental Destruction and Global Food Insecurity
210  Andrew Benson Industrialization’s Impact on the Environment and Pollution in the Bengal Region
211  Anna Vagedes Deforestation of Sandy Soils
212  Anqi Yang Mangrove Extinction
213  Aubrey Sinclair Global Warming Causing Sea Level to Rise in Greenland
214  Austin Richarson The global loss of coral reefs: What is happening and how can we fix it?
215  Austin Semarjian Fracking: Economic Stability with Environmental Destruction
216  Bailey Gottschalk Agriculture’s contribution to cyanobacteria blooms in Grand Lake St. Marys
217  Benjamin Holt Fracking Fears: Fact or Fiction?
218  Beth Moses Environmental Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing
219  Brandon Brichetto The Problem of Overconsumption
220  Brian Wise The Dangers of Sea Level Rise on South Florida
221  Brock Keaton Lianas Vines in South America
222  Cameron Howard Energy Efficiency
223  Carrie Stratton The Surviving the Emerald Ash Borer
224  Casey Fliger Protecting the beauty and biodiversity of our oceans for future generations to utilize.
225  Chang Liu China’s Environment Problems
226  Charity Harrison Biomagnification of Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) in Hudson Bay Fish
227  Charles Parise The Nicaragua Canal: A Risk Not Worth Taking
228  Christina Wilkerson The Cost of Habitat Destruction
229  Colin Lippincott The Social Stigma of Nuclear Energy
230  Connor Herman Fracking the Code
231  Connor Mouty The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
232  Connor Plensdorf The Effects of Yemen’s Addiction on its Water Crisis
233  Daniel Griffith The Effect of Palm Oil on the Orangutan Population
234  Daniel Marriott The Chernobyl Disaster: Understanding Risk Behind Nuclear Energy
235  Daniel McCormick The Impact of Amazon Deforestation on Global Climate Change
236  Daphne-Jane Ocran The Significance of Urban Green Space
237  David Kramer The Paradox of the Coal Industry
238  DaVonti’ Haynes Methane and Its Effects on the Climate Change: The Vicious Cycle of Methane in the Environment
239  Delaney Perl Gray Wolves as a Keystone Species
240  Demy Fobellah Human population growth and its harmful effects for future generations
241  Domino Glass Humanity’s Detrimental Effect on Tree Frog Populations
242  Donghui Cen Preventing Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon
243  Drew Gay Polar Bears Not Sea Bears
244  Dustin Freer Gray Wolves: The Endangerment and Reintroduction in the American West
245  Dylan Davey Natural Nuclear Fission Reactor
246  Eleanor Schriner The Dead Zone: Causes and Effects of Hypoxia in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
247  Elise Delagrange Overfishing of Dolphins Used in Commercial Tuna
248  Elizabeth DeLain Microplastics: Threat to Life?
249  Emily Garrity Ecological Dangers of City Lights
250  Emily Royer Harvesting Heat
251  Emma Mote Adverse Effects of Hormones Injected in Meat Products
252  Eric Hanneken Restoring Freshwater Ecosystems: The Elwha River, Washington
253  Erica Cline Fish Blasting and how it Affects the Ecosystem
254  Erica Lezama Human Population Growth
255  Erin Halleran Shrimp Cocktails and Climate Change: The Implementation of REDD within Vietnam
256  Erin McGhee No title provided
257  Freda Xiang Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation
258  Furkan Kozuva How Overfishing Threatens Our Future?
259  Gabriella DiGiovanni Wetlands: Impactful and Endangered
260  Garrett Barnard Gone With the Wind: The Effect of Climate Change on Wind Patterns and What it Means
261  Geer Teng The Impact of Climate Change to North Asia
262  Geng Tian Three Gorges Dam’s influences on environment
263  Grace Lehman The Effects of Global Warming on Polar Bears
264  Graydon King Polar Bear decline in western Hudson Bay
265  Hannah Gaspar White Nose Syndrome: The Devastating Loss of America’s Bats
266  Hannah Halischak Coral Bleaching: The Hazardous Effects of Human Impact
267  Haoran Pu Air Pollution in China
268  Henry Zhao Air pollution in Shanghai and how air quality affects people’s health in Shanghai.
269  Hongwen Xiong Particulate Air Pollution in China
270  Imaduddin Ibrahim Advantage and disadvantage of the usage of nuclear energy
271  Ivy Hu The disappearing Maldives
272  Jack Mellon Reintroducing the Gray Wolf in the Blue Range
273  Jackson Garrity The Hypoxic Zone in the Gulf of Mexico
274  Jackson Song Biomass Energy Potential in Ohio
275  Jacob Mizerik Where Does Your Electricity Come From?
276  Jacob Woodruff Questioning the Impacts of Pesticide Pollution
277  Jake Jenkins The Catastrophic Effect of Oil on Bottlenose Dolphins
278  Jake Wasem Invasive Species & Control Tactics
279  Jamie Schirra Drinking Your Way to the Hospital, One Water Bottle at a Time
280  Jesse Arnold Alternative Fuel Vehicles Vs. Combustion engine
281  Jessica Caceres Food Supply: Water and Land Scarcity.
282  Jessica Waibl Mercury Pollution from Gold MIning in South America
283  Jiachen Wang Loss and Degradation of wetlands for ecosystems management in China
284  Jiahao Li The air pollution around the world especially in China
285  Jiangning Zhou What should people do to the wildlife management
286  Jiarui Yan No title provided
287  Jieni Tang Air Pollution in China, Especially in Beijing
288  Jingyuan Xiong Current situation of soil environment control in China
289  John Baker Nuclear Power Plants and their effect on the Surrounding Environments
290  John Belluardo Asian Carp Invading the Mississippi River System
291  Jonathan Caudell Sea Otters: A Vanishing Act
292  Jordan Evans Coral Bleaching in the U.S. Virgin Islands
293  Jordan Griffith Sustainable Architecture in the Bank of America Tower
294  Joseph Krivicich Oceanography: Current Events
295  Josh Duggan The Good, the bad and the ugly of fracking in Youngstown, Ohio.
296  Joshua Huckery Space Junk
297  Julia Eberly Coyotes in Backyards
298  Junran Huang Protect Coral Reef Is To Protect Ourselves
299  Junrui Zhang Bed Bug in An Urban Environment
300  Justin Kanoff Snow Leopards- Gone, or Almost?
301  Kaitlin Allard Colony Collapse Disorder
302  Kalie Fallon Overfishing of the Bluefin Tuna
303  Kara Wagner Black Carbon and its Effect on Global Warming
304  Kasey King The Effects of Genetically Modified Plants on the Environment
305  Katarina Funk Marine Microplastic Threats
306  Kate Johnson The Effects that are causing a Decline in Orcinus Orcas that Live in the Wild
307  Kathryn Ryan MMR Vaccine, Adverse Effects, and Parents’ Intent to Immunize
308  Kathryn Stierwalt Health Effects Related to Harmful Algal Blooms in Lake Erie
309  Kelly McNutt Flying Home: A Global Parrot Conservation Effort
310  Kelsey Pfirrman Protecting the Sacramento Delta
311  Kelsey Reilly Environmental Impacts of Mountaintop Removal Mining in West Virginia
312  Kelsey Wagner Effects of Military Sonar on Marine Mammals on U.S. Coastlines
313  Kevin Cergol The Need To Limit Ohio’s “Dirty” Energy
314  Kevin Vasquez Why is Drinking Water Such A Scarce Resource Today?
315  Kristin George Hydraulic Fracking: Good, Bad, or Both?
316  Kyla Beecham Zebra Mussels: The Invasive Species of The Great Lakes
317  Kyle Guiremand The Fuel of the Future
318  Kyle Kopechek The Earth and Venus: Runaway Greenhouse Gases Can Threaten Our Planet Kyle J. Kopechek
319  Kyle Sparacia Melting of the Polar Ice Caps in Antarctica and the Arctic
320  Kyoko Biddle Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest
321  Laura Ernst Polluting the Sea to Death
322  Leah Kracht The Lasting Effects of the BP Oil Spill
323  Leah Minor The Use of Compressed Natural Gas in Cars and Trucks as a Viable Alternative to Gasoline.
324  Leigha McCauley Human Impact on the Sea Otter Population
325  Leyna Rosen Afforestation
326  Logan Phares African Elephant Poaching
327  Luis Cabrera Is Fracturing Safe?
328  Madeline Mischler Solar Energy
329  Maggie Zhelesnik Population and Genetically Modified Organisms
330  Maitrayee Pariya Ocean Acidification: The Effect on Ecosystem
331  Marianne Iskader Heavy Metal Pollution in China’s Water and the Effects on Human Health
332  Marie Cathey The Effects Climate Change Has On Water
333  Mary Chambers What’s Buried in the Bogs?
334  Mary Kay Klenkar Green Roofs and OSU
335  Matthew Falco Negative Effects of Fracking on Western Pennsylvania Area Water Supplies
336  Megan Funk Wind Energy
337  Megan Hoehn The Effect of Lake Erie Algal Blooms on Toledo
338  Meghan Corcoran Endocrine Disruptors and life in the Pugent Sound
339  Mel Sumner Carrying Capacity of Humans on Earth
340  Michael Colgan The Effects of Ocean Acidification on the Great Barrier Reef
341  Michael Qian The Guardian of Human Nature: Ozone Layer
342  Michelle Leonti Consumption and Effects of Microplastics on Zooplankton
343  Michelle Roman Nonlethal Wildlife Management–Why Killing Is Not The Answer
344  Mike Wilson The Fall of Ash Trees
345  Miranda Curtis Biodiversity: Rainforests of the Sea
346  Mitchell McGuire Decline of Vulture Population in Africa
347  Molly Mraz Air Pollution in China
348  Nicholas Rodgers Overfishing in Somalia and Alaska
349  Nicole Force Impacts of Invasive Species on Native Species and the Environment
350  Nikola Popovich The Environmental and Habitual Effects of the BP Oil Spill.
351  Noah Andes Hydraulic Fracturing Comes to Ohio
352  Noorfaiqah Ibrahim What are the implications of solid waste gasification process in producing energy?
353  Patrick Choi Will Air Pollution Levels in Developing Countries Effect Cardiovascular Health
354  Rebecca Friedberg Hydraulic Fracturing in Ohio
355  Rui Ma The Great Plastic Pollution in our oceans and solution
356  Ryan Hillyer Cyanobacteria Threatens Lake Erie
357  Samantha Grimsley No title provided
358  Samantha Semach The Impact of Hydraulic Fracturing in Northeastern Ohio
359  Samuel Kayuha Air Pollution in Southern California
360  Sarah Narciso Great Apes are now Endangered due to Increased Contact with Humans
361  Scott Poindexter Alternative Energy Source: Green Energy
362  Seth Bouhadana The Airline Industry and its impact on the Environment
363  Sharon Xu Desertification Around The World
364  Shirali Patel DDT and birds in the United States
365  Srinath Anand Effects of Dams on Their Surrounding Environment
366  Steven Munn The Ozone Layer: Is It Coming Back?
367  Sydney Winans Depletion of Ozone Layer and its Impacts
368  Taylor Flores Consideration for Ocean Acidification
369  Taylor Miller Fin? The End of the Sharks
370  Tessa Miller The Food Ark
371  Tiffany Smith The Effects of Climate Change on Polar Bears
372  Tsz Wik Sung Technology kills water pollution
373  Tyler Annetts Cycling Towards a Green Future
374  Vaibhav Grover Deforestation Of Amazon Rainforest And Its Effects On Environment.
375  Victoria Hsu The effect of human activities on Taiwan’s environment
376  Wade Sutton The Effects of Invasive Asian Carp on the Eastern United States
377  William Menjivar No title provided
378  Xin Chen Electric Car, Current Situation and Future Prediction
379  Yang Liu Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming
380  Yilin Du The general introduction about global warming
381  Yiyun Lin How can human society benefit from a good wildlife management?
382  Yogi Kagan Is Fracking Ruining our Planet?
383  Zach Garcia The Environmental Impact of Airports
384  Zachary Dobey Organisms Coping with Ocean Acidification
385  Zhiyao Guan Advantage and Disadvantage of DDT
386  Zhuo Li Years of Life Lost (YLL)  due to the Air Pollution in Beijing, China