Session 1

Session One of the 2014 Symposium took place from 8:00 am – 10:00 am and exhibited 199 student presenters.


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1  Abby Huston Power Plant Air Pollution in China and its Effect on Human Health
2  Abrar Tanveer Mining in Todays world
3  Adam Wieczorek How smart growth can save us
4  Alan Coburn Invasive Asian Carp and the Great Lakes
5  Alana Chronister The Effects and Management of Invasive Burmese Pythons in Southern Florida
6  Alexander Dangelo The Snake Head: An Invasive Species
7  Alexis Turner Wolf Introduction Causes Trophic Cascades
8  Alexis Yontz Ebola: A Deadly Virus
9  Allison Gansmiller The Dangers of Air Pollution
10  Ally Brady Dirty Living: The Hygiene Hypothesis
11  Ally Costello Are Asian Carp Threatening U.S. Freshwater Sources?
12  Alton Ball No title provided
13  Alyson Gray Environmental and Human Health Impacts of Rare Earth Element Mining
14  Amanda Tenorio How does coal mining affect fresh water resources in the environment?
15  Andie Sosnik The effects of overpopulation on our environment
16  Anqi Lu How does China face water pollution?
17  Anthony Cieniewicz Boston’s Polluted Harbor and The Cleanup that Saved the City
18  Anthony Denis Sources, prevalence and effects of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)
19  Anthony Jackson The New Age of Fueling Our Vehicles
20  Ashley Norman Penguins Going Extinct?: How Climate Change is Threatening the Future of Penguins
21  Bailey Delacruz Clean Power Initiatives Around the Globe
22  Benjamin Leizerman Amphibian Decline and its Sources
23  Biying Xiao Air Pollution in China
24  Bokim Kim Increasing Deforestation in Amazon, increases Global Climate Change
25  Boyi Li Formation of Haze
26  Brad Butts Beyond Earth: The Search for Viable Exoplanets
27  Brandon Scott Algal Blooms and Their Effect on Surrounding Areas
28  Bree Wang How would Gas Hydrate impact on our future
29  Brian Bliss Animal Conservation
30  Brigid Graham WNS: A Threat to Bats
31 Bug Zhao How to purify and rational use waste water treatment.
32  Carly VanCucha The Great Barrier Meal
33  Cassidy Jenney The Effects of Hydraulic Fracking on Drinking Water
34  Chad Goubeaux The Effects of Particulate Air Pollution on the Quality of Life
35  Charles Fitch The effects of fracking
36  Chelsea Barton Fracking : Do you really understand what it is?
37  Chelsea Cieker Dangers of Shark Finning
38  Chris Polidoro Grey Wolves As Keystone Species In Northwest America
39  Christopher Harton How climate change is affecting the coral reef
40  Christopher Steineman The Environmental Effects of Urban Agriculture
41  Clay Robertson Human Impacts on Lake Erie Ecosystems
42  Cole DeCamp The Destruction of The Great Barrier Reef
43  Coleen Thompson The Birds of Chernobyl
44  Colin Blount Cool Roofs, Cooler Climate?
45  Colleen Sauer Detecting Slab Avalanches in Utah, and Cautionary Measures for the Public
46  Colton Kuepfef Wind Power, is it worth it?
47  Conner Eitel Declining Honey Bee Population
48  Cori Smith The Downfall of the Amazon Rainforest
49  Courtney Caldwell The Great Barrier Reef: At Point of No Return?
50  Dajzsa McDaniel Consequences of Pathogen and Arsenic Contaminated Water Systems in Modern India.
51  Danpeng Tan Protect Ozone Layer From You and Me
52  David Beardsley No title provided
53  David Hutchinson Renewable resources around the world and home
54  Devon Henry Plastics in the Oceans
55  Don Gibson Price Of Carbon Storage & Emissions: Chance to Save the Trees
56  Drew Enscoe Economics, Ethics, and Efficiency of Carbon Capture and Storage
57  Dylan Projansky Effects of Climate Change on the Endangered Bengal Tiger
58  Elizabeth Parisi Mitigating Climate Change Through Agricultural Practices
59  Eric Martin Decline of Small Animals in Australia
60  Eric Winnestaffer Aquatic Invasive Species
61  Erica Schmidt The Impact Hydraulic Fracturing has on Society
62  Erin Henry Colony Collapse Disorder
63  Erin McQuay The Great Barrier Reef: Maintaining the Greatness
64  Ethan Adams The Atlantic Salmon of the Big Sea
65  Evan Barlow Overpopulation and Deforestation Leading to Extinction of Pandas
66  Evan DelBene Ocean Acidifcation
67  Fa Zhou How does El Nino events relate to global warming?
68  Gabby Vincent Asian Carpe Diem: Fish Seize the River
69  Hanna Norris Acid Rain, On The Road To Recovery
70  Hannah Behnke Invasion of the Great Lakes
71  Hannah Gifford Brazilian Amazon: The Naked Jungle
72  Hannah Sargel E-Waste: Will technology run the world, or rot the world?
73  Hannelore Willeck Chernobyl: The long term effects of nuclear meltdown
74  Hayley Howard Water Usage in Animal Agriculture
75  Heather Bell Restoring Great Britain’s Heathlands
76  Heidi Niese Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Turbines
77  Isaac Caverly Deforestation in the Amazon
78  Isaac Kebe Is Fracking in North Dakota an Issue?
79  Isabel Graham Renewable Resources in the United States
80  Jacqueline Harris LED Lighting
81  James Burpee Sea Level Rise and its Effect on the United States East Coast
82  Jamie Clarkson Why should we give a dam? The social, economic, and environmental impacts of dam building.
83  Jeffrey Glazner Climate Change and its Impact on Coral Bleaching and the Biodiversity of the Great Barrier Reef
84  Jenna Moore How Dying Bees Affect You
85  Jessica Hamilton Pesti-Side Effects
86  Jessica Wilson The Great Barrier Reef
87  Jingwen Zhang Air pollution in Beijing.
88  Joel Jackson Decline of the Monarchs
89  John Berger Mount Etna’s effects on Air Quality
90  John Grippa Global Distribution of Endangered Species
91  Jonathan Belknap Is Fracking Bad?
92  Jordan Black The effects of urbanization on Animal Habitats
93  Jordan Ehrenberg The Effects of Poaching on the African Elephants
94  Joseph LaMonte Effectiveness of a Trombe wall in reducing heating and cooling loads of residential buildings.
95  Joseph London Green Revolution or Road to Pollution? Environmental Pollution in the Electric Vehicle Industry.
96  Kassie Graham Fish are friends, not food.
97  Kelsey Shearer Lake Erie Algae Blooms
98  Kenny Merchant Ecological Footprint: What Mark Are You Leaving
99  Kimberlee Moore Exploration Into The Mariana Trench
100  Kristen Darah Stop the Ivory Trade: Elephant Conservation
101  Kristen Schneider How Climate and Human Footprint Fuel Wildfires
102  Kyle Voytovich The vaquita porpoise in danger of extinction
103  Leran Zhu Food Safety
104  Leticia Sandoval Marine Debris in the North Pacific Ocean
105  Levi Griffith Effects of Marine Debris on the Ecosystems of the Pacific
106  Lezhi Jiang Artificial Lights And Our Ecosystem
107  Lindsay Steinbeuer Lake Erie’s Algae Blooms: Toledo Water Crisis
108  Lucas Gardner Groundwater Depletion in the U.S.
109  Lucina Meyer Ocean Debris Harming Our Sea
110  Luke Beene How Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Will Change the World
111  Mackenzie Baird Development and Growth of Green Roofs and their Impact on the Environment
112  Madeline Goebel The Adverse Effect of Military Sonar on Marine Life
113  Mallory Doherty Health Effects of Pollution
114  Mallory Gordon Air Pollution: The effects on Human Health
115  Mara Schappacher The Cause and Effect of Ocean Acidification on Marine Ecosystems
116  Margaret Odiorne The Use of Hugelkultur in Urban Agriculture
117  Marissa Berggrun The Pathway to Green Living
118  Marissa Mitchell Hydraulic Fracturing
119  Marissa Silverman Beneficial Aspects of the Dead Sea
120  Mark Berter Is Nuclear Energy Worth the Risk?
121  Mark Detrow California Water Crisis
122  Marlee Bope Causes and Consequences of Coral Bleaching
123  Matthew McCuen Air Pollution in the United States
124  McKinzie Harper Zebra Mussels: Working with Non-Native Species
125  Megan Kupka Bald Eagles: Soaring in the right direction?
126  Meghan Bennett The Effects of Habitat Loss for Ring-Necked Pheasants in Nebraska
127  Meghan Collyer Keystone XL Pipeline: Extra Large Benefits or Extra Large Costs?
128  Michael Brenkus 2014 Ebola Outbreak in Western Africa
129  Michael Wooley Hydrofracking the Marcellus Shale:  Economic Benefits vs. Environmental Costs
130  Michele Marcinick Storm Water Runoff and Green Infrastructure
131  Michelle Chan Deforestation in Amazon
132  Michelle Ruhe Renewable Energy
133  Molly Hardesty Water Scarcity: Closer to Our Table then We Think
134  Morgan Thaler Save the Giant Pandas
135  Najjam Malik Africa’s People vs African Oil
136  Naomi Zhang Impacts of Global Warming on the Diversity and Distribution of Stream Insects
137  Nathan On Giant Pandas
138  Neil Recker Got Wind?
139  Nicholas Allen No title provided
140  Nicholas Gill The Gross Injustice of Water Privatization in Cochabamba
141  Nicholas Heinlen Chernobyl: A Falling Out with the Environment
142  Nichole Gill Wildlife Management: The Sea Turtle Extinction
143  Nicole Seletz The Effect that Ice Glaciers have on Sea Level Rise
144  Niuniu Sun The Population Changes of Little Egrets in Xiamen, China
145  Nurfahtina Zulkiffli Environmental Impact of Palm Oil Development in Malaysia and Indonesia
146  Olivia Koeppel How Population Health in India is Adversely Affected by Open Landfills
147  Patrick McCarthy Deforestation of Mangroves
148  Rachael Dininger Holy Frack! The Truth About Hydraulic Fracturing
149  Rachel Dann Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest
150  Raj Sumra How Pollution from One side of the Earth Affects the Other
151  Robert Bradbury Desertification
152  Ryan Gaffney Global Warming’s Effect on Polar Bears and the Hudson Bay
153  Ryan Kelly.916 The Environmental & Health Consequences of a Nuclear World
154  Ryan Lenser The Great Lakes- A History of Resiliency
155  Saibrea Bogan The Effects of Fracking in Pennsylvania
156  Sam Bigelow Texas Wind Energy: Public Policy’s Influence on the Environment
157  Sam Ulrich The Impact of Grey Wolf Reintroduction on Coyotes and the Community at Large
158  Samantha Pagliaroli Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Impact on Marine Life
159  Sarah Cuppett Environmental toxins and their effects on children
160  Sarah Everhart Save the Night – Turn Off Your Light
161  Sarah Katz Air Pollution Around the World: How Dangerous is PM2.5?
162  Sarah Weaver Public Health Effects from City Living and the Natural Environment
163  Sean Hickey Conserving the Sea Cows of the South
164  Sean Walsh Avalanches-Causes, Effects, Dangers, Safety
165  Shannon Butler Climate and Its Impact on the Iditarod
166  Shannon Parisi Eutrophication; Reducing, Removing, and Preventing Nutrient Pollution
167  Shaoxu Liu The Great Barrier Reef
168  Shayna Mohr Waste-to-Energy Technology: Harnessing the Power of our Trash
169  Sijie Wang The Effect Of PM2.5 Of the China
170  Sofya Mikheeva Sustaining Earth’s Carbon Budget: Preserving Natural Carbon Sinks While Looking Toward Alternative
171  Soph Worrall Endangered Species: The Blue Whale
172  Sophia Tikson The Impacts of Cattle Farming for the Environment
173  Sumner Little Alterative Fuels & Our Cars: Where are we Going & What Will Get Us There
174  Taylor Brauchler The Harmful Effects of Water Scarcity in Africa
175  Taylor Richarson No title provided
176  Thomas Smith Colony Collapse Disorder
177  Ty Schleappi Climate Change and the Affect on the Agricultural System
178  Tyler Blumenschein Getting Back to Our Roots: The Effects that Climate Change is Having on our Global Crop Yield
179  Tyler Morlock How Forestry Management Practices Leads To Successful Timber Harvesting
180  Wentao Fan Silver Lining In Beijing’s Sky
181  William Myers.1381 Effects of Wolf Reintroduction In Yellowstone National Park
182  William Sorokas Environmental Effects of Overfishing the Gulf of Maine
183  Xenia Grace Marzan The New Era, Plastic Age
184  Xiaofan Bo Ocean Acidification
185  Xinran Zhang Water change brown to green
186  Xuan Kong Solar Energy Prospects
187  Xuan Lin How to protect biodiversity in current days?
188  Xuechen Mao Solar system in Tibet: How to develop and improve the solar system in rural area
189  Xuejing Xu Save our plastics
190  Yichen Liu Warming? Warning?
191  Yifan Liu The Effects and Solution of Oil Spill
192  Yihang Du Sustainable Architecture: the growing architecture for the future
193  Yuchao Liu Facts About Vultures
194  Yujia Liu Florida Everglades Marine Ecosystem: Seagrass Status and Trends
195  Yunying Zhu Green building in The United States
196  Zachary Schott Hydraulic Fracturing: Carroll County
197  Zachary Wilson Ivory at what Price?
198  Zack Pride Stop Polluting The Gulf
199  Zhihao Wang How does urban agriculture and community garden impact the environment?