Olentangy Wetlands Project

We have ongoing opportunity to help with some major projects at the Olentangy Wetlands Research Park.  Students interested in participating in this project will be able to assist the site engineer in current projects, such as building and upkeep of wetlands boardwalks, planting new native wetland plant species, and potentially developing an outdoor kids classroom space.

This project will require a fair amount of physical work and lots of initiative.  While some of these projects will be well outlined by the site engineer, the others will need to be designed and implemented entirely by those serving on this project.  Hands-on work at the wetlands is difficult through most of the spring semester, thus winter time work on this project will entail research, design, and planning for end of the year group service projects.  Individuals serving with this project will have the opportunity to partner with the Earth Month Challenge team to coordinate the culminating service event for Earth Day.