Environmental Impact

Each semester we delve into a different theme related to environmental impact and sustainability.  We bring in speakers, participate in service projects, watch documentaries, and go on trips related to our themes.

Previous Themes:

Parks and Recreation

Here are some highlights from the semester:

  • Trips and Tours:
    • National Parks 3D movie at COSI
    • Dolly Sods West Virginia backpacking trip over fall break
    • OSU Outdoor Adventure Center tour
    • Olentangy River Bike Trail ride
  • Speakers:
    • Metro Parks director
  • Out-of-classroom Experiences:
    • Slacklining clinic
    • Rock climbing at OAC
    • Belay clinic
    • Fall semester Hocking Hills Camping Trip

Sustainable Designlake hope camping trip

  • Trips and Tours:
    • Behind the Scenes at the Columbus Zoo
    • Howlett Hall Green Roof
    • OSU Greenhouse and Insectary Trip
    • LEED Certified buildings on campus
    • Lake Hope Camping Trip
    • Sea Kayaking in the Everglades (Spring Break)
  • Speakers:
    • Jessica Mathews, Community Organizer
    • Dr. Stan Gehrt, Wildlife Researcher
    • Kenny Sipes, Social Entrepreneur
    • Carlos Lugo, LEED Professional
    • Gifford Pinchot III, President of Pinchot University
  • Service Projects:
    • Ecosystem restoration projects throughout Columbus
    • Tree planting
    • Earth Month Challenge
  • Out-of-classroom Experiences:
    • Local Foods Cooking Workshop
    • South Olentangy Bike Tour
    • Indoor Plants Workshop
    • LEED Building Tour

Wildlife Conservation

  • Trips/tours:
    • Weekend trip to Chicago
    • Annual Fall Camping Trip in the Hocking Hills
    • Museum of Biodiversity
  • Speakers:
    • The Columbus Zoo (they brought animals to our last class this semester)
    • Dr. Chris Tonra, Avian Biologist
    • Dr. Stephen Matthews, Wildlife and Climate Change
    • Dan Everson, US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Service Projectsfox photo
    • Ecosystem restoration projects throughout Columbus
    • Chew toys for local dog shelters
  • Out-of-classroom Experiences:
    • Birding 101 at Blendon Woods
    • Sustainable Thanksgiving dinner
    • Career Exploration Workshop/Resume Workshop

Energy and Transportation.

  • Trips/tours:
    • Blue creek wind farm
    • Columbus/COGO Bike Tour
    • Byrd polar and climate research center
    • Sea Kayaking in the Everglades (Spring Break)
  •  Speakers:
    • Aparna Dial,  OSU University Energy and Sustainability Engineer, Director of Energy Services and Sustainability
    • Damian Beauchamp, KAir Battery
    • Michael McCann, Director of Planning for the Central Ohio Transit Authority
  • Service Projects:
    • Earth Day: Wetlands Cleanup Day
    • Tree Planting
    • Cat Welfare Association
  • Out-of-classroom Experiences:

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