• Where do ENR Scholars live?
    • We live in Morrill Tower for the first two years of undergrad and have most of one floor all to us!  Mother Morrill is not the newest building on campus, but we love living there and calling it home!  The stadium view is pretty great too.
  • Is ENR Scholars a 2-year or 4-year program?
    • ENR Scholars are actively involved for 2 years, but they are welcome to attend experiential opportunities even after they are done with their formal involvement! Upperclassmen are also welcomed to take on leadership roles within our Leadership Council.
  • How much time should I expect to spend on ENR Scholars involvement (or–will I have time to be involved with other things on campus?)
    • For a general member, 5-10 hours a month is average, while members of the Leadership Council would have a greater time commitment. ENR Scholars are encouraged to get involved on campus outside of the group and they all do–whether that is other student organizations, undergraduate research, employment, service, etc.  We see our group as an introduction to involvement rather than a limitation.
  • What are the involvement requirements for ENR Scholars?
    • First-year students
      • Attend the ENR Scholars Seminar class weekly (Tuesday evenings)–this is a hands-on, interactive meeting where we explore topics related to our themes (sustainability, community, outdoor adventure, service).
      • Participate in five ENR Scholars out-of-classroom experiences throughout each semester.
    • Second-year students (for the Class of 2020):
      • Attend monthly Second-Year meetings (Tuesday nights)
      • Participate in five ENR Scholars out-of-classroom experiences throughout each semester.  You can see our events on the calendar on our homepage.
    • Leadership Council students:
      • Attend weekly ENR Leadership Council meetings
      • Create out-of-classroom experiences for all members of the program
        • Lead these experiences for their peers
      • Engage in thoughtful leadership development
        • Attend semester and mid-semester leadership workshops and retreats
      • Develop and attend large-scale ENR Scholars events, such as the fall camping trip, Halloween party and ENR Kick-Off
  • What majors typically choose ENR Scholars?
    • We have all kinds of majors!  Current ENR Scholars have majors in engineering, wildlife, art, French, meteorology, environmental science, agriculture, business, biology, psychology and animal science (among many others!)–our only expectation is that you would like to explore our themes while living in a fantastic community.

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