Breaking News: Launching of Community-based Development Projects across La Rose and Woodzel

Starting Tuesday, August 28, 2018, consultant teams, comprised of three to four ENR 3500 students, will work to guide the community development process of one of eight communities in La Rose or Woodzel over the next semester. They will also be monitoring and evaluating the development trajectory through a series of “spiraling up” or “spiraling down” processes.
This new, innovative project is designed for communities (and their development consultants) to understand the interconnections between capitals (human, cultural, social, political, financial, built, and natural), as well as find new ways to highlight assets, build resilience, and overcome socioeconomic and natural shock events. Residents have been encouraged to go about their daily lives, and welcome these groups into their communities with open arms.
“We can do better at the community-level by leveraging local assets to generate sustainable economic development that doesn’t compromise our nation’s precious environmental and human resources.” said an enthusiastic Joe Campbell, President of Woodzel. “After speaking with President Pierre, as well as Secretaries of Community Development Cox, Griffin, Alvarez-Garcia and Woodruff, respectively, it’s clear there are a lot of opportunities emerging in La Rose and Woodzel as well. We at the national-level of government are excited to observe and support these place-based strategies to leverage community assets across our respective nations.”
While the communities are currently anonymous, it is suspected that names of the 16 communities will be revealed in a few weeks. Insiders tell the World News Network (WNN) that along with the identity of their chosen community, groups will also release pictures of their location, a brief history of the area and its people, and at least three of their development goals and action plans to reach those goals. If so, we will all have a better picture of who these communities are and what they are aiming to achieve. WNN plans to keep you up to date throughout the whole process.