Weekly Writing Assignments

Each week you will be responsible for a one-page, single-spaced written synopsis of an assigned reading, due in Friday section.*

The readings will complement the lecture material each week, and Friday sections will consist of discussion and questions related to the reading and sometimes also to the week’s lectures. Your local religion-environment event synopsis will be counted in your weekly writing assignments grade.

Make sure you attend Friday’s discussion sessions to turn your assignment in!

Even if it’s on Carmen, it will be counted as late if you’re not giving a hard copy in class. It’s easier to grade that way–and plus, who would want to miss our delightful discussions?


*In week one (since you won’t have had any readings yet!) you will write a two-page, single-spaced environmental autobiography in place of a synopsis.

In week nine you will write about your experiences during a one-hour or more solo reflection time in nature.