Term Paper

In this class, you will be responsible for choosing a topic that really interests you and turing it into a 10-12 page paper. Your paper must relate in an important way to the topic of religion and the environment, but that certainly leaves you with lots of great options.

Think of this as your chance to delve deeply into

something that really makes you wonder.


We hope that you will find a topic that is enjoyable, but more than that, we hope it inspires you to grow in your understanding of yourself and your our own beliefs, values and morals as you interact with the many beliefs and values of others.

Your topic must be approved by the instructor before you write the paper, and you’ll be required to hand in an outline of your paper three weeks before the paper is due so we can give additional feedback on your topic. We’ll definitely talk about this more in class, so don’t worry too much yet. Just keep your eyes peeled throughout the semester for an awesome term paper topic!

We can help you focus your energy and delve into a topic that’s new, exciting, and works best for you.


Have a good idea for a topic? Need help narrowing it down?


Email Dr. Hitzhusen at hitzhusen.3@osu.edu and he’d love to talk about it!

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