Office Hour Resources

Office Hours are held throughout the semester starting Week 2 through the last day of regular classes to assist students enrolled in ENR 2100.  Ways that teaching assistants may support students at office hours may include:

  • Review lecture content, especially if student missed lecture or if a specific topic is unclear
  • Receive note-taking tips and strategies or review student’s class notes
  • Assistance with primary and secondary sources — their distinction and navigating for the information that is needed
  • Assistance with selecting a topic for poster/ScienceBite assignment
  • Assistance with selecting/designing figures for poster/ScienceBite assignment
  • Proofreading and reviewing text within poster/ScienceBite assignment
  • Study tips and study guide reviews for the midterm or final exam
  • Navigating Carmen or submitting assignments
  • Checking assignments in the Practice Turn It In submission area and tips for paraphrasing
  • Review self-check quizzes after each content section


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for your convenience: Course FAQs


All teaching assistants should have an Office Hours sign (see below) obtained from Ella for students to be able to identify at office hour location.


Some common, possible office hour locations you may choose are:

  • Kottman Hall
    • First floor lobby
    • Second floor lobby
  • CFAES Library
  • Connecting Grounds
  • The PAD
  • Smith Lab
    • 1st floor study area
  • 18th Avenue Library
    • Basement
    • Berry Cafe
  • CBEC Building Lobby
  • Ohio Union
    • Basement
    • Cardinal Room
  • Parker Hall by Dairy Store
  • RPAC first floor
  • Knowlton Library