What is the difference between Autopilot and a Self-Driving Car?

Correct! As you realized in the last question, autopilot serves many functions without a driver, especially in freeway driving. However, autopilot still requires driver oversight and does not work in some driving situations. A self-driving vehicle requires no input from the driver, and is fully functional in any situation.


While autopilot was the first step in removing driver input, a self-driving vehicle takes things a step further. Self driving cars are capable of maneuvering through winding roadways, crowded intersections, as well as any other driving condition. The driver is not required to pay any attention to the vehicle, and can instead focus on something else. For a city driver, this would have huge implications in any situation. The driver could get into his or her car and be productive on the drive, arriving at the destination more prepared than they would be otherwise.

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