What is Autopilot?

Incorrect. Autopilot technology provides some functions that the driver would normally have to do by itself, but it cannot take full control of the vehicle. Some of the premier functions of autopilot are adaptive cruise control, automatic lane switching, and driverless parking.


Function of a Car in Autopilot on a Freeway. <https://www.tesla.com/autopilot>

The best uses of autopilot are during freeway driving, perfect for a commuter to a city such as Columbus. The car can be placed on cruise control and keep a specific distance behind the car in front of it.  It may also change lanes when necessary, as well as handle freeway entrances and exits depending on your destination (Autopilot, n.d.).  The technology requires guidance by the driver, but decreases the amount of overwatch. Drivers describe this experience as much less stressed than normal driving, because drivers do not need to make small adjustments to outside conditions very often.

Another function of autopilot is driverless parking.  When at home or in a parking lot, the car can operate by itself without a passenger inside. The car will find the best parking spot and park by itself. When getting into your car, the vehicle can also leave its parking spot and come to you. This could be very useful in busy areas of the city, reducing the amount of time parking in a crowded environment.

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