Safe Drinking

It can be easy to get carried away while drinking alcohol, but safety should always be your top priority. Here’s some of the easiest way to make the night an enjoyable one.

Know what you’re drinking

Be aware of the strength, amount, and even time of consumption of your drinks. This information will help you pace yourself throughout the night.

Pace yourself

Make sure you know how many drinks you’ve had, and take time between sips. The easiest way to pace yourself is to alternate your drinks and consume non-alcoholic beverages in between each drink.

Travel with other people

Being intoxicated makes you vulnerable to being assaulted, so be sure to travel in groups or pairs in order to avoid dangerous situations. There’s always strength in numbers.

Eat before and after you drink

If you want to keep your blood alcohol level from rising too quickly, be sure not to eat on an empty stomach. To slow alcohol absorption, eat slow-digesting foods (i.e. foods high in fat)

Keep track of your drinks

Leaving your drink unattended makes it easy for someone to spike it with unknown substances. Take your drinks with you wherever you go, even the restroom.

Drink water

No one enjoys the feeling of being hungover and dehydrated, so the best way to combat this is to match every alcoholic beverage you’ve had with a glass of water. Drinking water throughout the night is also an easy way to alternate your drinks.

Get home safely

Call student safety services, order an Uber, or make sure you have a designated driver. Just make sure you aren’t planning on driving while intoxicated.
Brandon Brown