How Does It Work?

The main idea of the wave energy is to create electric energy by using the motion of surface waves.


There are lots of waver power devices:

  1. Point absorber buoy

This device flood on the surface of the water and held by cables connected to the seabed. The rise and fall of buoys can generate the electricity.

  1. Attenuator

This device act similarly as point absorber buoy. The flexing motion of each floating segments can drive the hydraulic pumps to generate electricity.

  1. Oscillating wave surge converter

This device has one end fixed and other end is free to move. Energy is collected from the relative motion of the body compared to the fixed point.

  1. Oscillating water column

This device can be placed on shore or in deeper waters offshore. There is an air chamber in this device. The compression of the air in the chambers will force the air through the air turbine to create electricity.

  1. Overtopping device

For this device, the water in the reservoir have the higher water level compared with the surrounding. The potential energy in the reservoir will be gathered by the turbine.