Current Projects

1.Pelamis Wave Energy Converter:

The Pelamis Wave Energy Converter is a technology that to generate the electric energy by using the motions of the ocean surface waves. It was developed by the Scottish company Pelamis Wave Power. The Pelamis Wave Energy Converter is the first offshore wave machine to generate the electric energy and it was connected to the UK grid in 2004. After that, the company build and test 5 additional Pelamis machines: 3 of P1 machines and 2 of P2 machines. P1 machines were tested at Portugal in 2009 and P2 machines were tested at Orkney in 2010.



Azura is a wave power device and currently being tested in Hawaii. It was the first wave power device that can be officially verified to supply energy to the power grid in North America. Azura can generate 20 kilowatts of power. It floats on the surface of the ocean and weighs 41 tonnes. The Azura can absorb the energy of waves from each directions and then transfer into electricity. In the future, the company plans to modify Azura and increase its efficiency to generate between 500 kilowatts to one megawatt of power.


3.SINN Power Wave Energy Converter

SINN Power’s patented technology aims at producing electricity from ocean waves in a cost-efficient, reliable and easy way¹.