There are lots of advantages of wave energy: Firstly, Wave energy are renewable cause the ocean surface waves always exist. Secondly, since there are lots of place next to the ocean or harbor, it’s easy for people to harness the energy of waves. Thirdly, there are lots of ways for people to gather the energy of waves since there are lots of wave power devices. Fourthly, wave energy is easy to predict. It’s convenient for people to calculate the amount that the wave can produce. Finally, the methods that people gather wave energy does not make any damage to the land.

There are also some of disadvantages of wave energy: Firstly, only power plants and towns near the ocean will benefit directly from it. Hence wave energy is not viable for everyone. Secondly, although wave energy is a kind of clean energy, gathering wave energy can disturb the seafloor, change the habit of the surround animals (crabs or fishes). Thirdly, the noise of the machine that gathers the wave energy can annoy the surround life beings. The machine also influences the view of the ocean.