Current Projects

 Block Island Wind Farm, Rhode Island.

Block Island is the first offshore wind farm to be implemented in the United States. The project was completed in August 2016, and is expected to begin operations later this year. The project was administered by Deepwater Wind.

Block Island is a small project consisting of only five blades. However, these five blades are capable of generating 30 MW of energy, enough to power 17,000 homes. The turbines installed at Block Island are among the tallest globally, reaching heights of 589 feet above sea level.4

More importantly, Block Island is a groundbreaking installation. With the successful completion of the Block Island Wind Farm, the United States has finally declared its commitment to the offshore wind industry.

Block Island Wind Farm located in Rhode Island.5


Aqua Ventus, Monhegan Island, Maine.

Aqua Ventus  is a pilot project for floating turbine installations in the United States. The project features two 6 MW turbines located in water depths of 45+ meters. Each of the turbines is attached to floating concrete hull know as the VolturnUS, a design developed at the University of Maine. This design is expected to reduce the cost of offshore wind energy. The turbines are stabilized by three anchoring cables connecting to the sea floor.

The project is hoping to accomplish a number of goals. These goals include demonstrating the effectiveness of the VolturnUS design, providing clean, renewable energy both now and in the future, and learning more about deep-water wind turbine installations. It is estimated that this pilot project has the potential to become a 500 MW-installation located further offshore.6


A floating wind turbine model is tested at the University of Maine in Orono.7


London Array, United Kingdoms.

The London Array was founded in 2001 after an environmental report confirmed its suitability as a wind farm location. Construction for the project began in March 2011 with the installation of 177 separate foundations. The first turbine was put in place in January of 2012 with the last being installed in December of the same year. Power was generated at this site for the first time October of 2012.

London Array is currently the largest shallow water offshore wind farm in the world. It contains a remarkable 175 wind turbines, and produces 630 MW of electrical energy. This wind farm, by itself, produces enough energy to power nearly half a million homes annually! It has also reduced carbon dioxide emissions by over 925,000 tons per year.8

Image result for london array wind farmA photo of The London Array offshore wind farm.8