How Does It Work?

Tidal Energy converts the natural rising and falling patterns of ocean tides into electricity. As the following videoexplains, Tidal Energy is created through a variety of ways.

Tidal Barrages

As discussed in the video, tidal barrages are the main source of converting the tidal power into useable energy in the form of electricity. This method uses a large dam structure, known as a barrage, that forces the tide to flow in and out of tunnels within the dam structure.8  The force that this water flows with then turns a turbine or forces air pressure through a pipe that in turn, moves the turbine. This process allows for energy to be harnessed consistently with the movement of the tides.

Tidal Turbines

Tidal turbines are very similar to wind turbines, however they are located under water. A tidal turbine utilizes the tides under water to push against a generator, forcing it to move. This turbine is connected to an electrical generator, allowing for electricity to be stored. Tidal turbines are individual turbines that are often placed closely to each other to produce large amounts of energy.

Tidal Fences

Tidal fences are a hybrid between tidal barrages and tidal turbines. Tidal turbines act as a single unit with multiple turbines along the vertical structure. These are connected with a single structure called a “fence”. These fences are often grouped together in order to provide large amounts of power to generators in a condensed area. As shown below9, tidal fences are connected to electrical generators, allowing for energy to be converted into electricity.