Tidal energy has been implemented in several locations across the world, however this number could see an improved growth over the upcoming years.

The market of tidal energy is constantly expanding. Tidal energy has the potential to do many great things. In the United Kingdom, it is projected that tidal energy has the potential to “power 15 million homes, save 70 million tons of carbon and create 16,000 jobs”.4  The United Kingdom has been a leader for tidal energy in Europe. It is estimated that nearly 50% of Europe’s total tidal energy capacity is located in the UK.

The potential for tidal energy to grow is exponential. As shown in the figure below5, Ocean Powered energy has little to no use in comparison to other sources of energy used within the world. Sitting at an extremely low 0.001% last measured in 2011, ocean energy and tidal energy specifically can be harnessed to increase this number over the next decade.


Along with this, tidal energy has shown in the past that it can be used effectively. The following two projects are examples of tidal energy successes.6

Rance Tidal Power Station – France

  • Has been in use since 1966
  • Generates 600 GWh a year of electricity
  • Powers 130,000 homes on a yearly basis

Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon – United Kingdom

  • Has been in use for 120 years
  • Generates enough power to provide around 155,000 homes with electricity each year