The Ocean: A Limitless Resource for Renewable Energy

Looking into the potential available in renewable, eco-friendly energy has become more important in the world due to a quickly growing, global ecological threat. The world needs new resources and new technology to change the way we satisfy our energy needs. At the same time, it is critical to protect and respect the world that we live in.

So where can we find good alternatives? One place we can start is in the form of what already makes up over two-thirds of our world already. The potential for of the ocean to provide clean, renewable resources is huge, but used sparingly.

The purpose of this document is to look at the possible forms of energy from the ocean. For each form of renewable energy, we will talk about:

  1. The benefits provided by the technology.
  2. Some of the current projects that already exist or are under construction.
  3. The estimated or measurable energy provided by each.
  4. How the technology works.
  5. The obstacles faced in using these technologies.

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