Mission Concept Review



After the destruction of the Death Star, the galactic army began to rebuild their army. The rebel alliance also needs to prepare for war. However, they need to prepare on a private and remote planet, so that the galactic army does not interfere. Since they are preparing on a faraway planet, power is scarce. Knowing this, they still need a monorail network system to transport their R2D2 units. Thus, the rebel alliance has hired Team J to create an Advanced Energy Vehicle to assist the rebel alliance in their endeavors.

Main Objective

The group’s job is to create an Advanced Energy Vehicle, or AEV, capable of delivering special cargo with the assistance of a caboose. The AEV is responsible for safely moving this cargo. There are various constraints and requirements that the AEV must adhere to. The AEV must be as efficient as possible, while being able to run on different tracks. All in all, Team J will work to create an AEV that will help the rebel alliance transport their R2D2 units.