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Welcome to Group I’s AEV Project Portfolio


The mission of theRebelAlliance (Group I) is to construct an Advanced Energy Vehicle to be able to traverse far away planets and retrieve an R2 unit for the main Rebel Alliance. This vehicle must be able to deal with differences in terrain and be sturdy enough to last the trip. In addition to being strong and adjustable, it must use as little energy as possible so as to preserve energy for the return trip. In the end, theRebelAlliance will have built an Advanced Energy Vehicle capable of necessary tasks.


The goal of this team is to gain valuable project experience with an Arduino controller and learning how to program it. The team will also learn to problem-solve as we go and how to design a vehicle with a design analysis tool in MatLab.

Final AEV Design

***All labs, aside from lab 7 where a new lab was introduced, were run according to this AEV_Lab_Manual provided by The Ohio State Univerisity’s College of Engineering***