The Mission(Why)

The galactic empire is rebuilding their army after the destruction of the Death Star.  The rebel alliance needs to prepare for war on remote planets to ensure that the galactic empire is unaware of operations.  Due to being on remote planets, power is very limited.  The alliance is looking for a monorail network system to transport their R2D2 units which are constructed on one side of the land to where the interceptor aircrafts are being assembled through the means of a green, energy efficient, and cost effective system.  The need for an energy efficient system, like an Advance Energy Vehicle (AEV), is due to the base being located on a remote planetwhere power is a luxury.

Mission Objectives 
The scaled transport-AEVs will focus on energy managementoperational efficiency and operational consistency.  Energy used per mass of the AEV will be measured and recorded during AEV operation.  The goal is to successfully pick up and deliver precious cargo stored on a caboose while meeting the operational requirements, design constraints and minimizing the energy/mass ratio.  Due to the planet being remote and unstable, the monorail may have slight variations over time due to the planets shifting faults, therefore, the AEV should be not depend on a specific track.  The AEV should have operational consistency in which the AEV performs consistently regardless of type of cargo (cargo should not fall off track) or power supplies (battery).  As contractors, it is the goal to create a model scale AEV to perform the Scenario in which the team will defend their final product to the rebel alliance (instructional staff: Instructor, GTA, and UTA’s).