Performance Test 1

Lab 8 – Performance Test 1

During lab, the team had to focus on completing two working codes to make the AEV complete the MCR. It is important for the team to develop a code that will work regardless of the track the AEV is on. It was assumed that the tracks in each room have small variances in them, so the team must be able to adapt to that. Making two  working codes forced the team to approach their coding in different ways, thus furthering their skills and ability to code.

The team decided to modify the AEV design so the center of gravity ensured a better performance on the track. The design was also slightly modified to guarantee a level connection with the caboose for the return trip. The code still needs to be finalized.

Team Meeting Notes:
Date: March 26th, 2017

Time: 4:00pm

Members Present: All

Topics/Agenda: Progress Report Week 10 and PDR
Action Items:
1. Week 10 Progress Report: All
*Due 4/3/17
This is necessary to keep track of work done in previous labs and work intended to be done in future labs.

  1. PDR: All
    *Due 3/27/17
    This is a large lab report that documents the progress of the AEV so far through the semester.
  2. Portfolio Update: Kaitlyn

*Due 4/3/17

This is a vital element in the outreach process.

Weekly Schedule


Task Teammates Start Date Due Date Time Needed
PDR All 3/7/17 3/27/17 5 hrs
Progress Report Week 10 All 3/25/17 4/3/17 2 hrs
Portfolio Update Kaitlyn 3/24/17 4/3/17 1 hr
SolidWorks Models Yuyi 3/20/17 3/25/17 1.5 hr