Lab 6

Lab 6 – System Analysis 2

The team continued testing different designs to find the most efficient and effective model. The group also focused on determining a more exact way to make the AEV stop on the track. They utilized functions including both the absolute position and the relative position. It was decided that the team would program the AEV to coast to a stop, in order to save energy. Finally, the team began programming the device to travel the full length of the track.

The team began writing the Preliminary Design Review(PDR). The final design was narrowed down to two choices: Yuyi’s second design, and the Team Design. They both have various pros and cons, and more tests will be performed to find which design will be used as the final AEV.


Team Meeting Notes

Date: 2/20/17

Time: 4:00pm

Members Present: All

Topics/Agenda: Progress Report Week 6
Action Items:

  1. Week 6 Progress Report: All
    *Due 2/22/17
    This is necessary to keep track of work done in previous labs and work intended to be done in future labs.
  2. Preliminary Design Report: All
    *Due 3/27/16
    The team continues to discuss the PDR and what will be required. This is a large part of the project, so attention to detail is vital.

Weekly Schedule


Task Teammates Start Date Due Date Time Needed
Lab 7 Progress Report All 3/4/17 3/10/17 3 hr
Portfolio Update Kaitlyn 3/3/17 3/24/17 1.5 hr