Lab 3

Lab 3 – AEV Design Concept Screening and Scoring

The creative design lab involved the individual AEV concept design, orthographic drawing, and creative thinking. The team developed an understanding of methods used to produce a creative design and identified the barriers to creativity. During the lab, each team member sketched his or her own AEV design on a orthographic paper. The designs were put together to discuss the advantages and disadvantages in order to generate a comprehensive team design, which was also drew by team members in the lab. The team also tested the unfinished part from last week lab.

The team decided the use of a 3D printer will be beneficial in designing the nose of the AEV. The team will be utilizing the concept of pull motors, rather than push motors. The wings of the AEV will be slanted upwards. The team will work towards building a model of the design concept.


Team Meeting Notes

Team Meeting Notes:
Date: February 5th, 2017

Time: 4:00pm

Members Present: All

Topics/Agenda: Progress Report Week 4
Action Items:
1. Week 4 Progress Report: All
*Due 2/7/17
This is necessary to keep track of work done in previous labs and work intended to be done in future labs.

Weekly Schedule

Table 1: Week 4 Schedule

Task Teammate(s) Start Date Due Date Time Needed
Week 5 Progress Report All 2/1/17 2/7/17 3 hrs
Portfolio Update Kaitlyn 2/6/17 2/15/17 1 hrs
EEPROM Testing All 2/7/17 2/7/17 1.5 hrs