Design Concepts

The determined material for Easeband is TPU due to it’s cost effectiveness and elasticity. TPU is also available in multiple colors which adds to the aesthetic of the bracelet.

The current design concept of Easeband is slightly bulky at 1 inch in height and 1.43 inches in width. This is in order to comfortably hold the heart rate sensor and buzzers.

Future design concepts will include a thinner band, as the current Arduino uno can be replaced with a smaller board, such as an Arduino nano. A button may also be added to Easeband, in which the user can initiate the start of a session, rather than being dependent on heart rate only. Another feature that may be added in the future is a speaker in which a pre-recorded EMDR therapist’s voice would play during a session. This added feature would give more relaxation to the user and would ease confusion in the therapy process as the voice of the therapist would be leading the session.


Image 1: Initial concept drawing of Easeband