Business Model

Value Proposition:

Easeband provides value by providing the user with a swift pathway to return to everyday life. Easeband also treats PTSD symptoms straight at the source. As the disaster relief organizations respond fairly quickly to the disaster, Easeband would also be given to the survivors as soon as possible.

User Segment:

The primary market is survivors of natural disasters in third world countries. We plan on collaborating with existing relief groups, such as the Red Cross, as a means of distributing our product. Easeband would be purchased through donations to these organizations. These relief groups can explain to the user how to use Easeband as well.

The secondary market is anyone who may benefit from EMDR therapy and/or have PTSD worldwide. Easeband can also be used as a health monitoring device for patients with high blood pressure.

Economic Value:

Easeband would provide an accessible solution to these users to help them return to work and everyday lives. As a result, Easeband would allow for an increase in economy as workers are more dedicated to work after/ during treatment and not their PTSD symptoms.

Social Value:

Easeband would provide the community hit by the natural disaster a better sense of community as well, as the Easeband would be distributed throughout the community and would provide a feeling of togetherness and hope for society. The user would receive proper treatment for PTSD by using Easeband, which greatly impacts areas where there is not access to mental health help.