Welcome to Baker International Group!

As part of Smart City Columbus, Baker International has been given the responsibility of creating an Advanced Electric Vehicle (AEV) to transport people from Linden to Easton and Polaris. We have established three teams, Group A, Group C, and Group N, to each create an AEV that is autonomous, electric-powered, and can travel suspended from a monorail. Each team has a budget of $500K, which will include the following factors: energy, time, accuracy, research and development, and safety. After all testing is complete, all three AEVs will be compared to determine the best design.


Smart City Grant Staff

Chief Executive Officer Bill Cohen cohen.507@osu.edu
Director of Research & Development Sheng Zhu zhu.1473@osu.edu
Director of Marketing Harry Byers

Quent Hartt

Annalise Hoover

Jordan Stechschulte





Chief Financial Officer
Director of Technical Support