Sales Pitch

We, as Team O, are proud to present our final AEV design. From the start, our goal has been to create a fully functioning, safe, and efficient AEV for transportation. In order to do so, we focused on designing a consistent and safe AEV that was efficient in terms of time, energy consumption, and cost.

The design of our AEV encompasses even weight distribution and stability that enhances smooth movements during the test run. Our design is stable because of the wide propellor design keeping the AEV from swinging on the track and allowing room for the caboose to be picked up.

Our design and code work well together as they are simplistic in nature. Our design is fully functioning and cost efficient and our code is based solely on time. This minimized the overall spending for design as embellishments like the counting sensors were not required, saving us more than $8,000 in capital cost.

Basing the code for our AEV on time allowed us to directly control the amount of time our AEV spent on the track during performance tests. This was important to us because time was the most expensive aspect of the run.

Even as we focused on the amount of time our AEV spent in the Final Performance Test, we also wanted to minimize the amount of energy used. In order to do this, we used a combination of power braking and coasting to stop our AEV. Overall, we were able to keep the amount of energy used to 232 J, costing us $241,086.

Overall, our AEV cost $590,793.68.