Mission Statement, Approach

Mission Statement

Using the knowledge we gain through preliminary testing and advanced research and development, we, Team O, plan to design and build a fully functioning, safe, and efficient AEV that completes all the desired tasks of travel and transportation while staying within budget and to the satisfaction of passengers and cargo aboard the AEV.


We will base the final design of the AEV off the demo design, individual member designs, and the concept screening and scoring matrices. Throughout the preliminary research and development phase (pR&D) we will become acquainted with arduino codes and functions, building the basis for coding our AEV. Research and testing will be completed during the advanced research and development phase (aR&D). Focusing on battery testing and power braking versus coasting, we will research the most sufficient way to slow down the AEV and the significance of the battery voltage with the distance traveled. Using the knowledge we gain through our research and testing, we will create an AEV that completes the desired tasks of travel and transportation.

Each member of our group will help contribute in unique and vital ways. John, who enjoys coding and has a lot of prior experience, will be leading the coding aspect of this project. Kia will be in charge of the AEV design and presentations. Jacob will construct the AEV and lead the evaluation of it’s performance throughout the research and testing. Kezia will prioritize in documentation of the project, from meeting notes to exercise and research data. Using the strengths of each team member, we will be able to achieve the most success.