Exercise 5: Concept Screening and Scoring

Concept Screening and Scoring


  • Stability: Stability represents how well the design will remain stable on the track while travelling.
  • Minimal Blockage: The minimal blockage rating represents how well the AEV reduces blockage of the track, thus affecting how well it is able to maneuver.
  • Maintenance: The maintenance rating represents how easy working on the AEV will be, such as taking it apart and putting it back together.
  • Durability: The durability rating represents how much strain the AEV body design will be able to endure without breaking. A durable design is important.
  • Safety: The safety rating will represent how safe the design is for passengers to be transported, such as where the battery is located and how far from the rotors the passengers are.



The two design concepts that will be carried forward are designs A and C. Using these design matrices and critical thinking, the team decided that the design concepts are moving forward are design A and design C. This is because design A is the better of the two sleek designs (A and C) and scored much better overall than design B. Design C is a very bulky design and is thus much different from design A, so the group decided it would be wise to carry on two relatively different designs to ensure that the best one is chosen in the end.