Exercise 3: Creative Design Thinking

Individual Concept Sketches

Zach Royer (Design Concept C):

Individual Concept Sketch #1

Zach Royer Individual Concept Sketch

This is Zach Royer’s AEV design concept. It is tall and wide, designed for holding objects and/or people. The nose of the AEV is rounded to decrease the amount of air resistance Windows were added for the pedestrians, adding another transport feature. One major flaw is that it’s intended for forward motion. If the vehicle were to go in reverse, air resistance would highly alter its speed. This concept roughly resembles the front half of an air plane. The durability is very high because it is so large, and is very safe because of the large passenger compartment. The stability of this design is also relatively high because it is large and proportional. The cons of this design is the amount of blockage it would have. It would be harder to move due to the added weight of the design.

Charlotte Bryan (Design Concept D):

Individual Concept Sketch #2

Charlotte Bryan Individual Concept Sketch

The design concept above was designed by Charlotte Bryan in the basic shape of a marlin, one of the world’s fastest animals. The nose piece was designed to cut down on drag and improve aerodynamics, leading to a more streamlined AEV, as well as make passengers more comfortable. The long shape will lead to more passengers per vehicle, and there will be ample space to sit and enjoy the views of the city. The battery and Arudino control panel were spaced evenly apart to create an even distribution of weight, which may help with speed. It has very little blockage because of the sleek body and is average in the other categories, apart from safety. The battery on this design is on the bottom, so it less safe.

Garrett Bartley (Design Concept B):

Individual Concept Sketch #3

Garrett Bartley

The above design concept for the AEV, created by Garrett Bartley, is based on the idea that the AEV is a transport vehicle. Therefore, the AEV was created with very large windows on both the left and right sides, as well as on the top. The tip of the AEV shell was also designed with a very sleek and sharp point to increase its aerodynamics. The design slightly resembles that of a school bus with wings. The wings would be easy to break off and they would block the AEV from moving if the rails were too close together. The pro of this design is that it looks very futuristic.

Team Concept Design (Design Concept A):

Team Concept Sketch 1

Team Concept Sketch

This concept was based on making the design able to traverse both directions with minimal effort. It has a very sleek and sharp design to be as aerodynamic as possible. The windows are present for an aesthetic effect. The Arduino Nano and the LiPO battery are both stored inside of the base of the vehicle structure, much like passengers. The pros of this design is that it is very thin, thus reducing blockage, as relatively stable due to the very small body, and is very safe due to placing the battery inside of the body so that it can not fall out. The cons of this design are that it has average durability due to its small size and maintenance would be of average difficulty because of the body being one whole part.