Exercise 2: External Sensors

 The purpose of exercise 2 was to introduce the team to the Reflectance Sensors used in the AEV Controller. These sensors are used by the microcontroller to keep track of information regarding how far the AEV has moved, based on the amount of wheel turns. This exercise consisted of ensuring the sensors were correctly installed, running the Reflectance Sensor test within the Reflectence Sensor User Manual, and testing the sensors through the use of a program that was uploaded.

This exercise was a crucial part of the preliminary research and design because of the importance of the external sensors to the MCR. The sensors are used to determine how far the AEV has traveled, and based on these data, determine when the AEV should change its course, such as by reversing its motors. The sensors will ensure that the AEV never travels further than the track exists and will be able to stop at exact locations to collect and disperse passengers.

Below is a picture of the sensors properly secured on the AEV: