Basic AEV Function Calls

The following function calls can be used to control the AEV and will be used frequently in the code:

  • celerate(m, p1, p2, t);
    • accelerates (or decelerates) motor(s) m from the starting speed, p1, to the finish speed, p2, over a time span of t
  • ¬†motorSpeed(m, p);
    • runs motor(s) m at p (%) power
  • goFor(t);
    • runs the motor(s) at their current power for t seconds
  • brake(m);
    • brakes motor(s) m
  • reverse(m);
    • reverses the current direction of motor(s) m
  • goToRelativePosition(n);
    • continues previous command for n marks from the current position of the vehicle (can be positive or negative)
  • goToAbsolutePosition(n);
    • continues previous command for n marks relative to the starting position of the AEV at initialization

(1) Function calls and definitions courtesy of PreliminaryR&D Lab Manual