Performance Test 3

For the third performance test, the AEV has to complete the tasks in the first two performance tests, as well as proceed back through the gate with the caboose, wait 7 seconds, and arrive safely back at the starting dock.

The team’s main goal for this test was to be as consistent with the AEV as possible each time the code was run. Since this Performance Test was the last one, it was the one they were going to be graded on, so they also wanted the AEV to be as quick and use as few parts as possible.

In order to accomplish as cheap, yet reliable a AEV, the team decided to remove a few excess brackets holding the wings in place, and instead move the motor clamps to serve the same purpose. The code had to be modified, but in the end the AEV accomplished the test, and removed about $2,000 from the final cost.

Graph of Power vs. Distance


Graph of Power vs. Time

The time taken for the Final Performance Test 3 was 44 seconds, with an energy consumption of 283 joules. This time was one of the fastest in the class, although the energy consumption was on the higher side, most likely due to power braking, as well as the increasing in power to go uphill in reverse with the caboose. As can be seen in the graphs above, there is a significant spike in energy consumption when power braking, and also when going in reverse (the last two peaks in each graph). The final code used for the run is available here.