aR&D Lab 2: Energy Analysis

The purpose of the Energy Analysis lab was to measure the propeller and frictional force of the AEV during run-time so that future AEV designs may use these measurements as a benchmark to determine relative efficiency and thus, progress. The code for the Energy Analysis Lab is available here.

There were myriad opportunities for error in this lab. Potential errors include the placement of the AEV on the track; the back was to line up with the marker for 345 inches, but it would be impossible to exactly place the AEV at that location. However, it was carefully positioned as close to 345 inches as possible. Another source of error was the friction of the wheels. Depending on how tightly they were put on, the friction could increase greatly and halt the AEV prematurely. This was mitigated by not interfering with the wheels between the lab days.

The team needed guidance on how to manipulate Matlab to show the number of markers the AEV had passed. This was resolved quickly, and the team continued with data collection. There are no recommendations to make the lab better, it was straightforward and relatively simple.

Below are the graphs for both Distance vs. Time and Velocity vs. Time for the run used to collect the forces.

AEV Energy Analysis Lab Distance vs. Time Graph

AEV Energy Analysis Lab Velocity vs. Time Graph