Team Q Meeting 1

Date: 10-Jan-2018

Time: 12:40PM

Members Present: All

Topics Discussed: Website Update 1, Mission Concept Review, AEV Responsibility

Objective: This meeting’s objective was to hash out the responsibilities of each team member moving forward. It was decided that Garrett would set up the skeleton of the website, Maia would work on the MCR for the Division page of the website, and each individual member would work on their respective pages. By dividing the work, no group member would be overwhelmed with work in the coming week.

It was also decided between the group that Charlotte would take the AEV kit with her the first week, and then the kit would be cycled between the other three group members. This was to ensure the responsibility was spread out between team members.

Upcoming Tasks: 

Website Design: Garrett

MCR: Maia

Individual Pages: All