The mission is to connect Linden to commercial districts using an advanced energy vehicle (AEV) that rides a monorail track and is propelled by an electric powered motor and a propeller.  The AEV will transport residents of Linden to Easton and Polaris, to allow movement between the locations in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner. In the process of designing the AEV, we will ensure that it meets standards of safety, reliability, efficiency, and function. To accomplish this, we will be building a prototype AEV powered by an Arduino controller.


To make the best use of the team’s diverse skill set, tasks have been divided and given to members according to their strengths. Kartik is good at managing and designing websites, so that will be his job. Mark is knowledgeable and good at professional writing, so he will handle documentation and assist in design. Reed has extensive coding experience, so he will be the main programmer for the project. Paul is excellent at building and designing, so he oversees and carries out design and construction of the AEV models, as well as brainstorming ideas for future versions. These allocations of tasks allow for a smooth development process in order to deliver the best possible product.