Design 4 – Kia








Designed by: Kia Ruffin

This design for the AEV was created for maximum surface area for transportation, however still keeping the material costs low. The motors are on the far ends of the base in efforts to propel the AEV with the most control and efficiency. The ardiuno as well as the battery will be attached to the bottom in order to creat more space for transportation.

Design 3 – Kezia








Designed by: Kezia Namenyi

This design focuses on even weight distribution and unobstructed paths for the motored propellors. The arduino command center is two inches away from the lipo battery and away from any metal. This design costs approximately $150,000 in material.


Design 2 – Tongshuai

Designed by: Tongshuai Zhang

The battery is located at the front of the AEV (although not in the most frontest part)to generate even weight distribution.  And the  nose cone is in the fronof the AEV can balance the aerodynamic and weight benefits. 

Design 1 – Jacob

Designed by: Jacob Dougherty

This design was done by using some of the structure of the sample AEV, but altering it to into what will be a more efficient way.  The platform across the bottom will have a T shape so that there will be more area for passengers, and the motors will be attached at the back to propel it forward.  The placement of the arduino will bee under the platform in such a way that the weight is even across the AEV, giving maximum stability during use.