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           P&C Scott International Welcomes You to the AEV Project!

As the city of Columbus continues to develop as one of America’s fastest-growing cities, changes are being brought about to it’s transportation systems. In order to serve all of the city’s residents, Engineering 1182 Teams E, G, and K are collaborating with P&C Scott to develop an energy-efficient and cost effective AEV system. The AEV will be built using a monorail system

In order to guarantee that the best possible vehicle is being developed, multiple designs must be tested to test parameters such as power and speed. Design changes will be brought about as data is collected. Budget restraints, energy usage, and access to materials will all be considered.

A GIF Demonstrating the Functionality of the AEV

P&C Scott invites you to browse through the website to learn more about the Design Process and view the final product.