Brainstorming Deliverables:


Mason Sketch

Mason Sketch – My design is to represent an incredibly powerful back end to propel it fast to its target. With three motors in the back thrusting the AEV forward,  I figured any weight and extra friction would be evened out by the extra power of another propeller. This will allow for more power up and down hill and there and back as the motors can be reversed. With the extra speed there is extra stopping power as well.

Jacob Sketch

Jacob Sketch: Placing the motors at each end of the AEV would allow for better propulsion when making the return trip in reverse. The objective of this vehicle was to create an AEV that was designed for traversal in both directions along the course and the propeller design would allow for this. Also, situation of the propellers on each side could allow for more efficient braking. The body design on the bottom of the AEV is used to allow more aerodynamic airflow, to optimize the wind power that the propellers produce.

Brian Sketch

Brian Sketch: The main focus behind this design was to help eliminate as much of the vehicle’s weight as possible by harnessing some of the force of the propellers.  This was to be done by positioning the propellers to angle slightly downward.  The idea was to add just enough lift to the AEV so that the inefficiency of the wheels would be less impactful on the overall efficiency of the vehicle.  In addition, having the propellers positioned one in front of the other would allow the AEV to be narrower and therefore more aerodynamic than if they were positioned side by side.  This positioning of the propellers also reduces the need for extra body panels and hardware, further reducing the overall weight.



Team Concept Sketch