Performance Test: Design

In lab 8 the team decided on one of two different AEV designs based on criteria detailed in concept screening and scoring matrices, such as weight, balance, and battery usage. The team decided to compare Blake’s individual design against the current team design, due to it having the best concept screening score from the previous concept screenings and scoring matrices. The scoring matrix and concept screenings revealed that the current team design was superior to the individual design. Once the code is finalized and works consistently for the current team design, the team will assemble the individual design to perform runs and tests to see if the individual design is better and more efficient than the current team design. The team worked on completing the code throughout lab 8, while performing several trial and test runs to determine the correct number of marks and motor speeds for the AEV. The code was not completed during this lab time, however the code is close to being completed; the AEV currently will travel to the gate, stop and wait at the gate, proceed and connect to the cart, and then reverse and stop at the gate again. As for the lab analysis, the team will refer the team design as design 1 while Blake’s design (reference design) as design 2.