Welcome To Group B’s Project Portfolio!


The AEV design project is intended to provide a team-base environment such as in the real world while  developing and designing an Advance Energy Vehicle (AEV). The project will help teach good teamworking skills and introduce students to the design process. During the course of the project, a different lab is performed each week. Each lab serves as a purpose to teach the group how to improve upon what they have already. While learning about the design process, different experiments are conducted that show the group what aspects would help improve the AEV’s performance if changed. The AEV and having to have it make a successful run picking up the cargo is used as a source for the group’s attention. While completing the task at hand, the group will unknowingly be improving upon their teamworking skills, responsibility, and brainstorming skills.

In this day of age of technology with resources depleting, it is important that we must sustain all energy and use as least amount of energy as possible. By finding the best AEV design that uses, the least amount of energy, it will help us sustain that energy. Throughout the course of the project, different aspects will be learned on how the design of the AEV can be managed to make it the most energy efficient.

This website will help show the progress made on the AEV labs.